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The Sabbath, keeping Old Testament Holy Days, Hell & Satan inseminating Eve

Comments & Questions: I have been listening to podcast of show for about 2 months although I have already listened to all previous shows. I felt a connection with your Spirit and teaching from first time I heard you on Hagmann and Hagmann. It has been exciting for me to hear teaching that matches exactly […]

Martyrdom, food Storage & the protection of our Families

Question: What are your thoughts on Martyrdom, Protection of our families & the storing of Food? Answer: Greetings, Martyrdom and protection of our families are two different things yet, we must entrust both to God. More than likely, if the situation arose of my wife or daughters being raped in my presence I would probably […]

The Holy Spirit & Speaking in Tongues

Question: Hi Danny, If I haven’t spoken in tongues yet does that mean I’m going to hell? Is speaking in tongues and the being filled with the holy spirit two different things? Thank you so much if you could please answer these for me they have been weighing heavy on my heart! God bless you, […]