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Jared Rogers 1:41 PM (2 hours ago) Thank you so much for your blessing! As I know it was sincere. We will definitely be joining you to listen live. We are so blessed to have found your ministry amidst all the deception out there in this last hour. Even though it’s not the easy way […]

Exit the Counterfeit Church, Enter the Holy Spirit!

Danny, my dearest brother in the Lord, I am a new listener to Hagmann & Hagmann. This is where I came across the wonderful insights and teachings of the show on January 19, 2015. Four years ago, the Holy Spirit showed me exactly what you so elegantly expressed, concerning that we are the Temple of […]

Eating up the Apostolic Word!

Hello Brother Danny.  I just purchased the rapture and will get one other book of yours later today. I will eventually get them all. Me and my fiancé heard you on hagmann the other night and have been listening to you ever since. We are almost through the sinners prayer gospel series on blog talk […]