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Who do I listen to, I am so confused!

Greetings Brother Danny, I am thankful for all your teaching and honestly believe God led me to you so I could receive the revelation and understanding of God’s word.   I also appreciate you having guest on your show with different views not always lining up with everything you teach.  Daniel Duval has me thinking I […]

Who is a Jew?

Listened to you yesterday Danny on Week-end Vigilante ..please explain how Hitler killed Jewish hybrids and not real jewish people. Did you mean they were gentiles who followed jewish laws and traditions thinking they were acceptable to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Who are the real jewish followers living in this day and age? […]

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Hi, I am re listening to last night’s show.  I am in agreement with all you spoke about concerning Glenn Beck. All you talked about, I have conveyed to friends back in the 9/12 days and also to my heavy duty political friends. Needless to say,  I have  been unfriended  by 99 percent of these […]