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Reflections – Evidence Demands A Verdict

Danny, I just want to write and thank you, I know that you heard me say it on the phone, but the point must be driven home, your teaching, is aligning with what the Holy Spirit is saying to me. Just a guy in Kamloops who JUST happened on to your show, know it could […]

False Gospel of The Antichrist

Dear Danny, FALSE GOSPEL OF THE ANTICHRIST “The Apostasy” which immediately precedes the Day of Christ will rival no other period of apostasy in Church history. The great apostasy will be an identifiable event in which the entire organized Church system departs from the faith of Jesus Christ as it is set forth in the […]

Word for Danny aka The “Separator” Morano

Hi Danny —- Danny the Separator Morano Again I liken you as a ICEBREAKER who needs to open the waterways that have frozen over, this ship is used to open up the waterways so other ships can carry their cargo to the needed areas of trade, you are one who breaks the truth to those […]