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Spreading the Word to Others

Hi Brother Danny, I love your show. God’s truth is all powerful and you deliver His truth. This is indeed lacking in the “church” that we can trot off to on a Saturday night or Sunday morning. I am on the maintenance staff at my church. You have it right concerning the outside of the […]

Are there multiple heavens and multiple hells?

Hello Danny, I have been listening to your newer archived messages. In my case, it’s not all new to me. My friend Greg and I have and these type of discussions for a few years now. By the way, I should probably tell you that I live in Kamloops and I am good friends with […]

The Sabbath, keeping Old Testament Holy Days, Hell & Satan inseminating Eve

Comments & Questions: I have been listening to podcast of show for about 2 months although I have already listened to all previous shows. I felt a connection with your Spirit and teaching from first time I heard you on Hagmann and Hagmann. It has been exciting for me to hear teaching that matches exactly […]