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Q&A on the Impact of the Sinner’s Prayer Gospel Series

Dear Dr. Morano, I hope you have time to read this letter.  It is a bit long but it paints a picture of my experiences and there are not many people who I can discuss these things with.  Throughout my life I have had several unusual moments of clarity that I cannot explain. I needed […]

Is ‘Surrender to Christ a biblical concept?

Question: Hello Brother Danny, I have listened and am blessed by your shows, and I thank you for them. I do have a question, Why do a lot of people say we are to “surrender” to The Lord?  I can’t find the word surrender in the bible or in the strongs concordance, I do however […]

Daniel’s 70th Week-How did the ancient Hebrews interpret?

Question: How was the 70th week prophecy of Daniel interpreted before Christ by Israel? It seems the disciples chosen except John did not have unique revelation of this prophecy relating to coming of Christ or fate of Jewish nation. I would think John had knowledge of correct interpretation but did not share with other disciples […]