Our mission is to bring you into a new understanding of God, as we believe God wants to dialogue with his people and in so doing bring you into a new dimension of knowing him.

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Message from Raja and Ebba-Our partners in India

Message from Raja and Ebba. This is why we are asking for donations for India. These Brothers and Sisters have nothing. http://godisnotreligious.net/donations/ Dear brother Daney Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . Brother Danay how are you I hope everything is fine with you many pastors and families are praying for […]

Danny and I discuss India

Danny and I discuss India. http://godisnotreligious.net/donations/ Saints, please help us meet our goal of raising $5000 for expenses for our trip to Rajahmundry, India! Pastor’s conferences and Open Air Crusades are being planned and coordinated by our dear brother Apostle Raja Gudala of Nehemiah Ministries from Feb.15- Mar.1 2018. We are believing for many miracles, deliverances, […]

Nehemiah Ministries- Our Partners in India

Dear Family: Please pray for our upcoming journey to India in support of Brother Raja and his tireless work for the Lord,and the people of India. Strongly seek the Lords will for you on this financially. The needs are many! More to come. http://godisnotreligious.net/donations/ Nehemiah Ministreis Our Vision To support and encourage local churches, especially in […]

Unbridled Evangelism or the re-conquest of India | IndiaFacts

Very troubling Article, ironically I agree with some of it.The author doesn’t understand the church he describes is a counterfeit! Help us support the true ecclesia in India. http://godisnotreligious.net/donations/ Unbridled Evangelism or the re-conquest of India | IndiaFacts An insightful piece on the politics of Evangelism. INDIAFACTS.ORG

Call To Action! Will THIS Be The Year?

Fantastic job as always Sheila! Thanks so much. Call To Action! Will THIS Be The Year? Dr. Danny Morano talks about a very special project that Sheila hopes you will get behind and support. POWERFUL!! http://godisnotreligious.net SHEILA’s WEBSI… YOUTUBE.COM

Trip to India!

Dear Brothers and Sisters: As you all know Danny and I will be leaving on Feb 14th for 2 weeks in India to support Brother Raja and Sister Ebba in their ministry. I want to report to you that the complexion of this mission seems to be changing. What was expected to involve large outdoor […]


HINDUNIZATION LEADS TO MORE ANTI-CHRISTIAN VIOLENCE August 8, 2017 by Sarah Cunningham in Asia If the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) has its way, India will soon be unified under one religion, one culture, and one language. Non-Hindu People Are Being Targeted. Of course, in order for this to happen, all other religious communities–including Christians–would have […]