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Gini weighs in!

Howdy to all of the Family who are listeners to Let’s Talk, OK so after listening to the last episode of the show if we don’t understand the infilling and the gifts of the Holy Spirit I don’t know what else it is going to take. But just remember this, WE MUST pick up our […]

What is the evidence of having the Holy Spirit?

Greetings! I just listened to your broadcast with Shelia Z. And I have a question or two… How does one recognize the Holy Spirit is in him or her? Is there a “universal” manifestation that one can expect? How can we learn to recognize His voice and His “possession” in us? Thank you for taking […]

Does God condone magic?

Greetings Layne, Expounding on my prior question on “sigils”. There must be some “magic” that is okay with God because of the three Magi’s (magicians) that visited the baby Jesus. Layne       Regarding your question, I think it is important to recognize that God was leading these magicians to the Savior from whom […]