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Must I leave my formerly divorced wife?

Dear Dr. Morano, My name is Jim, I live in central Alabama, am 26 years old and approx. 9, 3/4 months Born Again (Spirit filled, tongue talking, baptized in Jesus’ name – all the stuff my Methodist upbringing placed no stock in).  I am an avid Hagmann and Zilinsky listener,  as well as a member/student […]

Christians in Civil Service

Question: Danny I was listening  to you on the Sheila Zilinsky’s  show. You said that solders were murders ( I may have not understood what you were saying ).  We know in the bible Moses and David and were military leaders.  Only when David committed murder did God call him out on it.  The ten […]

Thanks for standing for truth!

Hi Dr. Danny, I just wanted to write you and let you know that me and my wife Dolly are very blessed by your ministry. We corresponded a little before, a few months ago when I purchased a couple of your books. But just wanted to encourage you and let you know that you are […]