Brother Danny,

My spirit is always refreshed when I hear the wonder in your voice as you witness the Truth our Lord, and Savior has placed in your heart. As the Word teaches us, a wise man seeks council. So often though, I find myself surrounded by people whose minds are so closed, or narrow that my questions are misunderstood. I feel however, at the least, to share a kindred intellect and hunger for the Truth as you. It would be a blessing to me if you would consider my words, and give your insight. Do we need deliverance from evil spirits by going to a deliverance ministry?  I thought our sins are under the blood of Jesus Christ and He said it is finished.  I have experienced a lot of deliverance by my personal relationship with Jesus as I have submitted my life to Him on a daily basis and asked Him to deliver or heal me.  I am really confused on this.  Please help–I have been really damaged already by one “deliverance” ministry.  Yet, because I cry a lot (and that may be a good thing biblically,) I have been told I need to go to deliverance again and that my constant crying is demonic, (I am middle aged and it could be hormonal to a degree.)  Since I went to a “deliverance” ministry in 2007, I have lost my joy and I am back-and-forth about whether I am really saved.  This “deliverance” ministry cast out and I quote “voice that claims to be the Holy Spirit, come out of her,” and I kept saying, unless it is the Holy Spirit.  I no longer hear the voice of God and my walk is dry.  I have no real desire to pray or read my bible anymore, though I do both by force.   Have I lost my salvation, have I blasphemed the Holy Spirit?  I love Jesus and I love the Holy Spirit and I love God the Father.  What is the truth?

Jesus bless you and your ministry,


Lindy, dear, precious daughter of the Lord,

Your concern for your condition with God is evidence that He is very involved in your life. Please don’t let the enemy take you down this self defeating path of questioning your salvation. As I spoke about on the program, God wants to draw you into Himself and love on you not push you away and condemn you.

As far as the deliverance ministry goes, there are members of the body of Christ who truly do understand and can help people get set free from demonic strongholds but there is also a lot of nonsense going on out there in the name of deliverance. Judge the tree by its fruit, any true deliverance experience will ultimately result in great joy and the feeling of God’s total acceptance and non-failing love not condemnation and inadequacy. Also, deliverance ministry should be operating in true authority and power from the Holy Spirit and should not go on indefinitely. If it goes on for years, it is definitely not a true manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s bondage breaking power.

Lindy, go with what works! If you were experiencing peace, joy and love in your intimate time of prayer and bible study then return to this and let the Lord lead you onward in your walk with Him. I teach very strongly, that Christians today are attributing to demons many times, what is merely the flesh and people need more to allow the Spirit through God’s word to renew their minds, breaking old mindsets and confirming them in His love which imparts healing to deep wounds and hurts. Let the Lord love on you and teach you directly and don’t allow man to have so much influence in the evaluation of your spiritual condition. Blessings,

Dr. Danny