Brother Danny,

My spirit is always refreshed when I hear the wonder in your voice as you witness the Truth our Lord, and Savior has placed in your heart. As the Word teaches us, a wise man seeks council. So often though, I find myself surrounded by people whose minds are so closed, or narrow that my questions are misunderstood. I feel however, at the least, to share a kindred intellect and hunger for the Truth as you. It would be a blessing to me if you would consider my words, and give your insight.

If I may, let me start simply. God is not religious. He is not about tradition, or ceremony, or performance, or presentation. How often is He compared, or outright described, as a father? And yet how often do we miss that simple truth? Being a father myself, this is something I can’t ignore. As a father I understand unconditional love. No matter how imperfect, or how limited I may be, I understand what it means to love in a way that has no reason, or logic as we know it as men to explain why. And God, being infinitely more than me, loving infinitely more perfect than me, being the Father, would love any less? No, but it is not in the nature of our flesh to know a God so alien to the flesh, through the flesh. What is religion, if not a collection of traditions? And what are traditions, if not the workings of the flesh? No man is redeemed, and brought to the Father through works. Paul speaks it clearly in Galatians. And so it is through the eyes of the spirit that we are called to look through and see Truth. Our Bibles are not a collection of traditions, or laws, or a manual on how to live your life. Our Bibles are the greatest witness of the testimony of the nature, and character of our God, and of ourselves as men. They were not meant to guide our lives, but to guide our lives to God, so that God could guide our lives in the living Truth. When we study Genesis, when we study Exodus, when we study the New Testament, we see a God who wants to be involved intimately with us. A God who wants to lead us from within. We cannot confine an infinite God through the limitations of laws and dictates, and wonder why our relationships with Him are like they are. We make God so small that He can’t be seen, and then we ask, where are You? But then, that’s the nature of the flesh. And yet, His grace is so much greater. He desires a place in our hearts unfettered so He can move and work against things in our lives that don’t play by those rules. It is only by being a part of Him, being grafted into the vine of life, that we can have life. In the end it boils down to this. Nothing that is outside of, or not connected to God, can last. He is the only thing that is absolute, and eternal. When dealing on a scale like infinity, things get super simple. They either are, or they are not. God is, not God isn’t. As Jesus Christ said it, “My Father and I are one.” We are called to be one with Him, and that through Him, we are one with the Father.

I wasn’t intending this to be a sermon, and I hope at this point I haven’t lost you, but that comes from my heart. I don’t really have anyone people around me that I feel I can be spiritually accountable to, and that makes me uncomfortable. If you could, I would love a response.

Your brother in Christ,
Hajeer Moshglani

God bless you Hajeer! Your love for and jealousy over God is very refreshing and inspiring, never lose that fire brother! I would love to know where you come from, is it perhaps, India? I love India and have done much mission work there. The excitement you display certainly reminds me of my dear brothers there. I encourage you never to lose heart and know that you are not alone in your convictions and zeal for Christ. Blessings,

Dr. Danny