Danny heard you on H & H today and you really rang a truth that I have been pondering about the Bible teachings and the manipulation of the writings that we are made available to us.  I have tried to express this to my hubbie about if man was in charge of the release of what they want us to understand that they could hold back what we really need to understand of the spiritually in this universe.  I truly believe that the demonic forces are upon us and have studied far and wide for the truth in denominations or should it be demoninations and have drawn on self study to guide me and it amazes me that He draws me back to the same spot that there is something that they are either dumb to or deceiving us intentionally. I pray for guidance and for others to wake up to the great deception of His basic teachings and that the 666 like mirror image of the trinity is man’s govt, man’s religion and man himself is the great danger to our souls!  Dawn SC