Hello Brother Danny.
 I just purchased the rapture and will get one other book of yours later today. I will eventually get them all. Me and my fiancé heard you on hagmann the other night and have been listening to you ever since. We are almost through the sinners prayer gospel series on blog talk and are really looking forward to going through the archives completely!! I thank God for leading us to your concise and TRUTHFUL teaching! And thank you for being obedient and bold enough to teach what you know is truth. I left the “church” a couple of years ago and can testify to the lack of sound doctrine to be found almost anywhere. You ministry has been a Godsend and I’m actually excited that I finally have found somewhere to get fed.
  I just wanted you to know that your message is getting out and well received from those of us with the ears to hear! I am no theologian and find your resources invaluable to help me get equipped with the ammunition needed to combat the utter foolishness regurgitated from the drones sitting in the pews these days. I try and spread the truth to others as I really have a heart for the lost , that actually think they know truth, but are as deceived as the rest of the world. That is the most dangerous position to be in and your ministry has given me hope that I can start to reach those by the power of the Holy Spirit!! Thank you so much for making these available and just know that you are being used in a MIGHTY WAY!!!  I will be a regular listener and supporter of your ministry as I have finally found a place that I agree with and  know that the Holy Spirit has led me to. God bless you and your family and will keep you lifted up in prayer because with the truth that you are revealing you will need it. I have already shared your website to a few people and will continue to do so. Thanks again!!
    Sincerely, Jared Rogers
God bless you and your precious wife, Jared and thanks for listening! I was so blessed to receive your email and read your encouraging comments. Your zeal and love for the Lord is truly refreshing in this hour of apathy. Happy to hear you are enjoying the archives! Join us again live on Wednesday night on Blogtalk at 7pm. I pray the Lord’s blessings on you and your family. Blessings,

Dr. Danny

P.S. I love your name, the name of Enoch’s father, my favorite biblical character!