Jared Rogers

1:41 PM (2 hours ago)

Thank you so much for your blessing! As I know it was sincere. We will definitely be joining you to listen live. We are so blessed to have found your ministry amidst all the deception out there in this last hour. Even though it’s not the easy way to believe, it’s such a comfort to feel the truth for a change. I know The Holy Spirit is bringing those with the eyes and ears for truth together and I am so thankful for His favor for bringing us out of deception and towards proper teaching. Thanks for the compliment on my name. I never understood why my name actually meant ‘descended’ or ‘to descent’
Until learning the truth of Mt. Hermon. Lol. But now it all makes sense!! Thanks again for having the integrity to be used by The Holy Spirit and not deviating to get a larger audience. I can honestly say your teaching just in the last week has helped me put my faith and view of proper Gospel back into true perspective. After being deceived for so long I was suspect of all aspects of being a believer. You are truly helping me know what to hold fast to and what to per mantle put into the recycle bin. You have no idea how much that has rebuilt my faith in such a short time! God bless you for that!!!