Listening to the show from last night. I always tell people that Jesus is not a Fairy God Mother and if you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior don’t think that poof all of a sudden your physical existence will automatically be filled with rainbows and sunshine. Yes, you must pick up your cross and carry it daily and follow Jesus. The road is very tumultuous but the Heart though the guidance of the Holy Spirit will not fail you.  As you say Danny, The Way is counter to this sick culture we are living in.
The Holy Spirit will cause you to daily examine your heart. The answers you seek are found in the Word. The Word made flesh. John chapter one. What an awesome word that is. The Word of God will surely cut you to the quick if a person is truly filled with the Holy Spirit. Mind Blowing. Be careful doing your cartwheels down the street!
Anyway I am in agreement with your message last night. Blessings and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ to all of the Brothers and Sisters in the Family of God.
Chat with you all Wednesday.
Do not be afraid to stand, for to not stand is to stand.
To not speak is to speak,
To not stand against evil is evil itself.
Matthew 10:28
The name calling and slander will eventually become yesterdays new.
Trust me.