Danny I was listening  to you on the Sheila Zilinsky’s  show. You said that solders were murders ( I may have not understood what you were saying ).  We know in the bible Moses and David and were military leaders.  Only when David committed murder did God call him out on it.  The ten commands thou shall not Murder ( not thou shall not Kill which I have seen before ).
My Grandfather served in WWll and had to kill Nazi’s to free Europe and the people.  I’m a Police Officer and may have to take a someone’s life to protect myself or others ( I hope never have to).
I would like to hear  your thoughts again on this.

God bless



Thanks for listening! Firstly, let me say that I have great respect for your service as a police officer and I can understand the conflict you must struggle with in carrying out your duties as a Christian. I believe that if you are going about your service as a law enforcement officer in integrity without corruption and the use of violence or abuse that this is a noble profession and you are covered under Romans 13. The Apostle Paul states clearly that God has ordained the civil authorities to keep wickedness under control and that the state does not hold the sword in vain. I believe that this also applies to capital punishment. Neither the Law of Moses or the New Testament condemn the proper application of civil justice including the death penalty for murder but this is for the world system and the motivation is the protection of innocent citizens and punishment of evildoers. However, this is completely separate from the Church and is not a sanction for believers in Christ to brandish weaponry. Our protection and discipline come directly from the Lord. When you are operating as a police officer you fall under the requirements of Romans 13 just as a Christian judge would passing down a ruling of capital punishment. You are operating only within the sanctioned authority of the State to protect innocent blood. Therefore, it is a matter of personal conscience for you whether or not you can comfortably carry on this secular vocation as a Christian.
When it falls on the military it is a little more complex. I do believe once again, that the Lord has provided for the same protection and limitation of evil when it comes to the protection and liberation of victimized peoples. However, as has been proven over and over again, almost all wars have nefarious origins and ultimately, find their true motives in the wicked greed, lust for power and ungodly domination of the strong taking advantage of the weak. From the American point of view concerning WW2, the majority of the lower ranks of the military were employed toward the end of the conflict for the noble purposes stated above. Yet, we are learning, as the true origins of this conflict and those who sponsored  it for financial gain and genocide are found to have also inhabited the New World and been involved in planning and supplying the war machine with finances and weaponry that there was more than pure righteousness and defense of country involved. The hierarchy whom these dedicated soldiers served were in fact, very culpable in this blood orgy. So, even though they saw themselves as valiant liberators of oppressed and persecuted peoples they were in fact, in service to the same beast even if, unwittingly. This truth becomes more obvious as we move on into the Korean, Vietnam and Iraqi and Afghanistani unjust and falsely premised wars. No one who truly does their homework can make an educated argument for these wars being conducted with the purpose of defense of the homeland, as the homeland was not honestly threatened. These wars were for global balancing and the unjust acquisition of natural resources (i.e. oil)! Please see my books “God is not Religious” and “Who are the Aliens” for a full discussion on the demonic origins of militarism and warfare.
Lastly, there is an heretical error being propagated in the American Church especially, by taking the physical warfare engaged in by the Hebrews under the Old Covenant as a sanction for New Covenant believers to engage in self defense and physical warfare. The New Testament and particularly, our Lord make it clear that this is no longer sanctioned by God as our battle is now purely spiritual, not physical, as was for the Israelites who received a merely physical covenant and temporary kingdom. New Testament believers receive a spiritual and eternal kingdom which is not of this world. As the Lord told Pilate that His Kingdom is not of this world and therefore, His servants don’t brandish weapons and fight and Revelation tells us emphatically, that we are not to love our lives unto death which clearly falls under the category of self defense and offensive warfare for the advancement of Christianity. Please listen to my series “Invisible Nation” and Cultural Christianity vs. True Scriptural Christianity for more on these truths.
Dr. Danny