A Christian America: Fact or Fiction Part 2

Who were the Founding Fathers, Who Was their god and what did they actually, believe?

Upon viewing the conclusion of the 7th Republican Debate on the evening of January 28th, 2016, I was not taken up along with the majority of folks with the hype surrounding the conspicuous absence of the “hero” highlighted in the first installment of this article, Donald Trump. Instead, I was struck once again, by the amount of times and the sundry ways in which the potential candidates invoked America’s Judeo Christian heritage and the Founding Fathers of the country, as the solid and righteous foundation of the Republic through which the United States had eclipsed all other kingdoms past and present, in prosperity, charity and moral excellence! Senator Marco Rubio called upon the biblical reference of Christ’s symbol for His Church as a “city shining on a hill” and applied it, as Ronald Reagan had done years before, to America’s high ground of moral superiority and godly generosity. Dr.Ben Carson, in his closing statement, called for a moment of silence and appeared to enter into a prayer like state, as he recited the Preamble to the Constitution which came across with the same cadence and spirit, as if he were quoting scripture.

What is striking to me in both of these instances, is the way in which they exemplify the depth and cemented acceptance and promotion of this erroneous mixture of allegiances, Patriotism and Faith in the God of the Bible. For all intents and purposes, these appear to be one and the same and weigh heavily upon the consciences of those who embrace this religion of God and Country. The revolutionary cry is forcefully, calling them back with fire and brimstone type rhetoric, carried on the wings of soul searching and heart rending conviction to repentance and rededication to the god of this Judeo Christian country’s roots! Although, it is hard to distinguish between the Paul Reverish cry to battle for the defense of the Republic ” the British are coming!” and the cry of the Angel of Revelation ” come out of her my people, partake not of her sins and receive not of her plagues”, denouncing Mystery Babylon, the religio/political whore of the last days Antichrist kingdom.

However, there is no confusion in the minds of those proclaiming this nor their constituents, as to the god being invoked here and that is without doubt, the God of the bible. Marco Rubio made this very clear in his renouncing of a mock title being attributed to him “savior of the Republican party”, and remarked very emphatically, “that there is only One Savior who came down from Heaven to die for our sins and that is the Lord Jesus Christ!” He is referring of course, to the God of the New Testament, the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua Ha Maschiach. Naturally, this carries within it the synthesis of the Judeo Christian faith, as Christ was a Jew by natural birth but became the “light to the gentiles” and Creator of the Church which has embodied a predominantly “goy” population for the majority of its history.

The God of the Old Testament “Yahweh or Jehovah”, as He is referred to by this synthesized sect of bible believing and Constitution heralding disciples of American Christianity is also alluded to with Old Testament symbols such as, Rick Santorum”s references to David’s smooth stone to fell Goliath. This is made to stand for the right-wing conservative Republican’s policies slaying the Goliath of demonic Progessivism, as perpetrated in the Washington priestcraft of Democratic sorcerers like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Thus, the sounding of the alarm by these God appointed Watchmen on the wall of Colonial, Constitutional Christendom resonates with all those who see themselves as falling under the sanctimonious heading of Judeo Christian-i.e. Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Mormon, Jewish, etc.

Islam has not yet been fully embraced and welcomed into this Sanhedrin of sanctified statesmanship but it is getting riskier and more costly every day to exclude this Judeo Christian heresy from the mix! For, that voting block is growing rapidly and exponentially and poses such a great threat both to domestic harmony and international relations not to mention, the looming cloud of terror waxes ever thicker over homeland security. The proposition now being posed is that perhaps, it would be more politically expedient and safer to appease this unpredictable and volatile demographic, if just to avoid any unpleasant reprisals. We espy the forming of a many headed entity who wobbles under the weight of political correctness and pluralism whose only real cord of unity binding them together under their respective variants of the Judeo Christian ethic is their love of country, their religion of patriotism and its pluralistic mantra “god bless America”.

Many professing Christians would take issue with me already and say, but isn’t it better to unite even if it is with people from other faiths, around these godly principles instead of, the godless, pagan and wicked anti-values being represented from the other side of the aisle? I mean, if these folks are willing to pay homage to our God and the god of our forefathers, the creators of this Christian nation and the crafters of its godly documents, isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t the God of the bible pleased with that? I guess the question falls on who that god really is? Is the god that the forefathers of the United States of America worshipped truly the God of the Bible? Were these men really Christians according to the definition the bible gives and did they practice New Testament Christianity?

Did these republican reformers and revolutionaries see themselves as or even, declare themselves to be Christians? Or did they contrarily, practice a different form of religion, completely foreign and strange to what is being widely understood and dogmatically proclaimed as Judeo Christian. A religion that is based on the Hebrew and Apostolic scriptures, that acknowledges a sovereign and loving God of creation who sent His only Son to die on the cross for mankind’s redemption. Is this the god they worshipped and served, as our thoroughly convinced and sold out servants of the self-righteous republic believe, or, did they worship another type of god, altogether? A very ancient god of the ages, as well, yet from another region and motivation with an entirely, different design and destiny for mankind!

Let us begin on the natural side of the coin, the cultural climate and philosophical environment that gave birth to our ” enlightened republicans”. As I brought out in part one of this article, the diehard proponents of America’s legacy of Judeo Christian heritage like to make a quantum leap forward from the Mayflower era, the time when Puritan pilgrims landed on the far from unionized shores of North America straightforward to the forming of the Republic under the Republican revolutionaries. They tie these two distant eras, separated by at least 120 years, about three generations, together and wrap it in a beautifully, blessed bow of perpetual Christian charity and godly resistance to tyranny from the Monarchical madness of the demagogic European nations from which they fled in quest of religious freedom. There is truth to this, but we also brought out in our former installment, that this was in no way a constant precedent and that there was a lot of contradiction and hypocrisy, even in this golden era of innocence.

The fact of the matter is that not everyone who fled from the jaws of religious demoguagery was seeking to practice their “Christian faith” on the newly christened shores of the New Jerusalem. Puritan Christianity was not the only philosophy or belief system that was thriving and causing troublesome waves within the old established order of Christendom. There was another very powerful revolution of free thought that was rocking the fragile foundations of an archaic and despotic false religious and politicaL order. A philosophical revolution birthed out of the creative and restless womb of very intelligent and gifted writers and philosophers primarily, humanist thinkers hailing from France and Germany. This world changing movement would come to be known as the “Enlightenment”.

In many ways this was a carry on from the “Renaissance” period which also exalted man and his “unlimited potential” and godlike qualities, throwing off the restraint of an unjust and oppressive State Church that the proponents associated with an ogre of a god. According to these rebels of the religious reichs of the European continent, this god of Christendom only wanted to strip man of the joy of “life” his freedom -“liberty” and the pursuit of natural pleasures-“happiness”. Whereas, the renaissance expressed this primarily, through art (paintings, sculptures, reliefs), the enlightenment thinker’s took to words and picked up their most piercing weapon, the pen. Their ideas spread like wildfire, not only across the old continent but they would travel across the mighty chasm of the Atlantic to the New World in the minds and hearts of our restless revolutionaries.

Transferring this secular humanist stance , as it came to be known in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, into the spiritual sphere it metamorphosed into the real religion of the “founding fathers” of the U.S.A-“Deism. de·ism
ˈdēizəm,ˈdāizəm/Submit noun belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe. The term is used chiefly of an intellectual movement of the 17th and 18th centuries that accepted the existence of a creator on the basis of reason but rejected belief in a supernatural deity who interacts with humankind.”

The founding fathers beliefs (i.e. George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, etc.) are reflected in this definition .A most powerful example of this truth is found in the author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson’s approach to scripture.

“This coming November, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will exhibit a cut-and-paste Bible of a mere 86 pages. Were it the work of David Wojnarowicz (the artist behind the crucifix video) or Andres Serrano (of “Piss Christ” fame), this Bible would doubtless stir up a hornet’s nest. But in fact, it was created by Thomas Jefferson.

During the election of 1800, Jefferson was denounced as a “howling atheist” and “a confirmed infidel” known for “vilifying the divine word, and preaching insurrection against God.” But the Virginian also revered Jesus as “the first of human Sages” and was, according to one biographer, “the most self-consciously theological of all American presidents.”

The book that the Smithsonian is preparing to put on display is actually one of two Jefferson Bibles. Jefferson produced the first over the course of a few days in 1804. Not long after completing the Louisiana Purchase, he sat down in the White House with two Bibles and one razor, intent on dividing the true words of Jesus from those put into his mouth by “the corruptions of schismatising followers.”

The result was “The Philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth”: a severely abridged text (now lost) that, like the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas, consisted entirely of Jesus’ sayings. In this “precious morsel of ethics,” as Jefferson put it, Jesus prayed to God and affirmed the afterlife, but he was not born in a manger and did not die to atone for anyone’s sins.”
“Wall Street Journal

This article from the Wall Street Journal could not bring out the true beliefs of the most prolific writer and as stated above, “the most self-consciously theological of all American presidents”, more accurately and honestly! So, if these are the views of the most religiously invested sculptor of the “sacred documents” of this so-called Christian nation, then what of the less outspoken! Thus, the most intense proclamation of the supposed Christian patriots is that of a deist which can be summarized in the spirit of Aristotle’s concept of an unmoved mover and that this Creator that is spoken of in the preamble of the “Christian” Constitution is that this god at best, basically, wound up the universe like a clock, turned his back and walked away. In his infinite wisdom and mercy, he left the responsibility of administrating this mess called humanity to the brilliant and enlightened minds of such transcendent thinkers as the founding fathers of the New Atlantis.

This is how these members of the Freemasonic Lodge and fellow colleagues of their counterparts in the old world who birthed the Illuminati, like Adam Weishaupt ( Illuminati’s founder), saw the new world as opposed to, what is believed to have been the Pilgrim’s designation for America, the New Jerusalem. It is interesting to note that these men were influenced greatly by Lord Francis Bacon’s, ” The New Atlantis”, a Rosicrucian and Luciferic vision for the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (New World Order of the Ages). Conspicuous again, is the fact that Weishaupt’s Illuminati was given birth to in the same year as the Declaration of Independence blasted onto the world scene!

Time and space here, do not permit for a detailed study of the beliefs and practices of the high echelons of Freemasonry and Illuminism. Many excellent articles and books have been written documenting the wicked roots of these antichrist religions to which the founding fathers subscribed. Suffice it to say, it is common knowledge that the chief architect of Freemasonry’s ruling literature was Albert Pike, an avowed Satanist whose towering hero was Aleister Crowley, who referred to himself as 666 the Beast. Both of these demonized megalomaniacs claimed that Lucifer was the truly worthy god of the universe and was to be worshipped by the ‘enlightened and initiated”, the motley crew of avengers to which our holy fathers of the rebellious republic were counted.

In closing, I will point out that this god invoked on the dollar bill and in the founding documents of the American nation is not the Judeo Christian God that today’s duplicitous politicians and their right wing constituents proclaim in their religious rhetoric! In fact, it is the selfsame god of this world mentioned above, Lucifer-the angel of light and lord of darkness and deception, as represented in the Eye of Horus and Nephilic pyramid as depicted on the true object of worship of the Mystery Babylon of the United States of America. A study of the Egyptian and Babylonian symbols that make up the design of the country’s Capitol are enough to betray this bewitching boast of “one nation under god”!

The question of course, is who is this god and I have answered that above. Is it not telling that the name of the Judeo Christian God as claimed by conservative religious Americans is conspicuously absent from all founding documents, Jesus Christ. After all, shouldn’t a Christian nation mention its reigning Monarch? I will leave this for the reader to decide.