Greetings Dr. Danny.

The short question: Do you think God makes satan & his followers show us ahead of time the bad stuff they plan to do to us through Hollywood movies, some YouTubes, & other media?
Myself expounding upon my question above + a video link you may want to check out I surmise was made by the “bad guys”:

Why must the powers that shouldn’t be (PTSB) have a principal they live by & MUST do by showing us (in roundabout symbolic ways, .. like in Hollywood movies & certain YouTubes & so fourth) … hidden knowledge and/or the bad stuff they’re going to do to us? Is it something God makes satan & his followers do? Dr. Deagle calls it a “satanic mocking ritual”. I think the PtSB call it “Revelation of the Method” & “The Externalization Of The Hierarchy”. Pastor Lindsey Graham, … minister to the elite, … (someone I don’t completely trust btw), nevertheless probably accurately states when they show us what they’re going to do to us, … & we can’t or don’t stop them (the PtSB) from doing harmful things to us it validates (to them) that they deserve to dominate us & we deserve whatever we get.

Here is a video I ran into I “think” was created by the “bad guys”.

It is not a great example of what I’m talking about above, … but I think it may potentially have a tremendous amount of truth (withheld historic knowledge that THEY have), combined with a tiny bit of deadly cyanide lies (their promotion of the belief in lucifarianism for example).

The video freezes up at the 41 minute mark. (Is this intentional)?

From what I remember of Edward Casey’s prophesies, he DID prophesie that ruins of Atlantis would be found in the Caribbean & that something important (an ancient room with important documents) would be found under the Sphinx. It’s interesting that this vid claims pretty much the same thing.

On numerous occasions I’ve run into videos with seemingly good content, … but they were delivered in an intentionally really goofy dismissive way, … (as if the video creators were hoping the viewer would dismiss the good info they were sharing).

Here’s some examples of non-goofy “Revelation of the Method”s at the Denver Airport.

Greetings Layne,

Yes, I believe this a manifestation of these evil spirits and their wicked servant’s arrogance and pride in their work and a mockery demonstrating their feeling of superiority. Some of it is also deflective material to mislead and misrepresent the truth.

Hi Dr. Danny.

After I sent my prior message about the video here:  , I noticed the vid eventually continued (without sound) & it looks like it was mocking Jesus, … like the video Zeitgeist, where it makes the absurd claim that because 9-1-1, the Federal Reserve, & other stuff are conspiracies, …. so was the birth & crucifixion of Jesus.


Preview YouTube video ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE | 2007 (HD)

These are antichrist, those who deny that Christ is come in the flesh. 1 John