Thankyou so much DR Danny.  I listen to your podcasts everyday. inbetween the audio bible and praise and worship music. Im in a fortunate job where I can listen to my mp3 player all day while I work and I just love your teachings. ive been listening to the person of the holy spirit teachings over and over and over and each time I learn something different, I honestly think I would have heard that entire series more than ten times. thankyou for putting things in perspective for me and helping me FOCUS on the Holy  Spirit. you are a good man. and I keep you in prayer. Thanks again Danny.
Jonny. Australia
P.S I LOVE your crazy impersonations!!!!     LOVE EM!!!! hahaha
God bless you Jonny and thanks for listening! Glad you are getting so much out of the ministry.So happy to hear these good tidings from down under!  Blessings,

Dr. Danny