Dr Danny, Hey mate how are you. can we loose the holy spirit. or can he leave us say if we sin wilfully etc.
I mean when is the point of having it and not occur for someone that backslid for example. Is it even possible to be unfilled?
Thanks mate



Greetings Jonny,

As I have taught, we receive the Holy Spirit through what we term the baptism in the Holy Spirit Acts 2. Please listen to my series “The Person of the Holy Spirit” and read my book “Sinner’s Prayer Gospel”. There may be a time when the Holy Spirit is so grieved that He would depart but there is no precedent I see in scripture for this. We see in Luke 21 that there are those who have received the Holy Spirit and misused God’s gift and receive eternal judgment despite this endowment. Apparently, He did not leave, as they were able to continue the supernatural ministry. It could be that He did leave and a demonic spirit came to counterfeit His work. However, this is not conclusive from the text. Also, Hebrews 6 speaks of those who cannot be drawn again to repentance after they willfully choose to abandon their faith even though, they have ” tasted of the powers of the world to come”. I believe this refers to the Holy Spirit.

As far as being unfilled, it is not that we leak but that we cut off communion with the indwelling Spirit by walking in soul and body consciousness and not in fellowship with the Spirit through prayer, meditation and the Word. I am comforted in the the truth that the Holy Spirit is given to us as the “seal unto redemption”! God knows those who are His and as the Master said ” I am with you until the end of this wicked age. I will never leave you nor forsake you. You are in My hand and I am in My Father’s hand and no man can pluck you out. I know My sheep and My sheep hear my voice.” The Lord knows those that are His and He will keep them. The fact that you are concerned about this means that God is still very active in your life! Blessings,

Dr. Danny

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