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Letter to Listeners

by Dr. Danny

Greetings I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit our website, listen to our programs and interviews and if you have already as well, taken part in our Fellowship Conference calls. We greatly appreciate your interest and support and welcome your comments and suggestions.The website is a […]

Those Who are Alive and Remain… Excerpt from “The Rapture”

by Dr. Danny

Those Who are Alive and Remain… The same scriptures linked together by the “last trumpet” found in the Apostle Paul’s letter also, connect another truth along with our Lord’s declarations in the gospels concerning His literal “coming” and the saint’s translation and transformation. Paul makes it clear in both foundational scriptures used for the meat […]

Missing the Mark Excerpt from “The American Dream” 1999

by Dr. Danny

Missing the Mark   We have entered into a very serious and transforming hour, through the “ Clinton Era”, which has manifested itself in radical changes and progressing shifts in foreign policy, trade, big socialist government appeal and most embarrassingly, constant scandalous rumblings coming from the Oval Office itself. All of this, to say the […]

MERE OBSERVATION (JUSTICIA CIVILIS) Excerpt from “The American Dream”

by Dr. Danny

MERE OBSERVATION (JUSTICIA CIVILIS)   I don’t see Christ anymore The procession of the Pious Assemble in their chambers And cultivate conquests Of a forbidden shore   I don’t see Christ anymore The Resurrection of the Sanhedrin The Devout Council Which takes the hypocritical oath to build Heaven on Earth!   I don’t see Christ […]

A Christian America: Fact or Fiction Part 2

by Dr. Danny

A Christian America: Fact or Fiction Part 2 Who were the Founding Fathers, Who Was their god and what did they actually, believe? Upon viewing the conclusion of the 7th Republican Debate on the evening of January 28th, 2016, I was not taken up along with the majority of folks with the hype surrounding the […]

A Christian America-Fact or Fiction? Debunking America’s Christian Roots

by Dr. Danny

January 22, 2016   As we approach the 2016 Presidential election, the clarion call is blasting out again from all quarters of the Republican-Right Wing-Conservative-Patriot constituency to rise up and bring America back to greatness and restore her from whence she has fallen! This has surprisingly culminated in the totally unpredictable, pretty much sown up […]