How was the 70th week prophecy of Daniel interpreted before Christ by Israel? It seems the disciples chosen except John did not have unique revelation of this prophecy relating to coming of Christ or fate of Jewish nation. I would think John had knowledge of correct interpretation but did not share with other disciples based on their questions to Jesus and false expectations of what Jesus had come to accomplish.


Greetings Ryan,
Thank you for listening to the show, visiting the website and purchasing books. I would recommend you purchasing my book the Rapture and listening to my series on BTR -Debunking the Rapture for an in-depth look at this subject. I believe the Hebrews looked forward to the fulfillment of the prophecy much in the way as I have presented there. They understood well, the concept of temple desecration and cessation of temple activities (sacrifices, etc.) as they had already experienced this through Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion. I believe they saw through a glass darkly when it comes to the appearance of the Messiah. However, they probably only thought in terms of a conquering hero like King David as opposed to, the suffering Christ, this would have still been an opaque and disappointing omen from their perspective.

I would recommend study of the intertestamental scriptures such as, the books of Maccabees found in the Apocrypha for their direct response to the events surrounding the first desecration of the temple under Antiochus Epiphanes in 168 B.C.
Dr. Danny