Dear Danny

YOU have been called to LEAD the charge just as the ICEBREAKER is to make away for the other SHIPS to follow that ICEBREAKER has thick hull carrying a heavy weight of forged steel and high strength metals, with engines made for torque to propel it through to its destination, it has no pride in its ability, it was made for the job, it must do what it was made to do, it as no desire to impress those other ships, they will not move ahead if the ICEBREAKER for a moment thinks the others could do what it alone was made to do, they are made of other materials–some later will be retrofitted for this kind of work, though now they need that ICEBREAKER TO GO FOR IT HAMMER DOWN,FULL SPEED AHEAD, The LORD is saying Son, I have given you this task, do not waver, others do not have what I have given you, yes be GRACIOUS, not all you have relationship with are willing to go with you– their being nice–GOD hasn’t called you always to be nice, just as that ship has a thick hull, GOD has given you a Sword of truth, that surely will divide, the ice from the water—-DO YOU SEE IT SON- The Lord even now is showing you these things, and has given you the wisdom in how you are to move ahead I see you listening to Him, As Israel had perpetual enemies, the sin that so easily beset us, The LORD wants us to take their heads off once and for all, and stand on their chest and take their weapons, as then they can’t rise from the dead, your experiencing now that great dividing,and finding out who will become part of what God is putting together, in the building of the puzzle—-YOU ARE CALLED TO DO THIS.

Danny in my Christian walk I have given words to many, in no way has this ever happened where I feel the LORD so strongly wanting me to speak…..and encourage you forward—- it makes no sense to me, that I would even make the time to do this, I am out of my tree, or this needs to be said, I hope I am in my right mind, if not send medicine.