I do not  hold to the pre-tribulation rapture position. This is a false doctrine grounded in the escapism mentality of Western and particularly, American culture. A belief based on a perversion of a few scriptures taken out of context which then avails itself to an elaborate extra-biblical scenario not supported by scripture, Church history or our Lord’s description of His coming. Our Lord only spoke of one return and that it would be quite visible”every eye shall see Him”. He, by no means espoused a secret invisible return in the clouds, retreat back to Heaven and a second part of His return 7 years later. This is simply not supported by scripture.
This is further supported by a misinterpretation of the seventieth week of Daniel as presented in the Prophet Daniel’s book found in the Old Testament in chapter 9 of the same.  The entire 7 year tribulation time frame ( a week of 7 years) is based on the erroneous premise that this final week of seven years is catapulted 2000 years into the future and must be fulfilled at the end of time. This provides for the faulty basis of a pre-tribulation rapture and several other gross errors in the interpretation of what we call in theology-Eschatology (study of end time prophecy).
I will be doing a full teaching on these subjects, as well as on Daniel’s 70th week & will upload any teachings that I do on blogtalk radio in reference to this subject under teachings in the future.  Please keep tuned to the radio show & watch for new posts under teachings.  The Lord is giving me new revelation to do with these misinterpreted scriptures & erroneous doctrines.