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The Rapture

Christians are becoming more and more vehemently divided over what has been traditionally referred to within the Church sub-culture, as the Rapture. This is the premier event, climax, icing on the cake if you will, for Dispensationalists. The school of thought who takes its lead from Futurism, an approach to the interpretation of end-time prophecies found in the apocalyptic writings of scripture. Those who hold to this position place the onus of God’s judgment on the world, condemnation and eradication of evil forces, Christ’s victorious return and the redemption of believers on an end-time scheme or calendar of events which will occur at the very close of history, culminating in the establishment of Christ’s Millennial reign on earth for a thousand years. This broader view is termed Pre-Millennialism.

Proponents of the rapture doctrine (theory) refer to themselves as Pre-Tribbers, which simply means that they espouse an invisible, undetectable to the general populace upon earth, partial return of Christ in the clouds to receive His prepared believers unto Himself and transport them back to Heaven with Him. This precedes what they term the Great Tribulation (taken from Christ’s words in the gospels of Matthew and Luke), a seven year period of final judgment from God upon the earth and a concurrent reign of Antichrist (Satan incarnate) over the planet’s inhabitants. The “Blessed Hope”, to which they ascribe this event, miraculously delivers them from “the hour of tribulation and the wrath of God” which comes mercilessly, upon an unbelieving world. For, as they proclaim so emphatically, “God has not appointed the believer to wrath.” We will examine these views and their problems in our study.

Who Are The Aliens?

who are the aliensAs the title infers, this book delves into this all-consuming question affecting our space age culture bent on exploring extraterrestrial themes and unraveling the puzzle of whether or not there exists life on other planets. The question is rarely asked any longer whether there are aliens rather, who are they, where do they come from and what do they really want? — excerpt, “Who Are The Aliens?”

The Sinner’s Prayer Gospel

SinnersPrayerThe message of the book is that we must honestly examine and make sure that the modern gospel that is being offered wholesale and indiscriminately to all with less and less scrutiny and cost to the recipient is the truth and really procures salvation. This is so crucial, as we enter into the era of the “great delusion” that scripture warns us about which will appear in the very last days. The deception is said to be so strong, that if it were possible, even God’s elect would be deceived! — excerpt, “The Sinner’s Prayer Gospel”

God Is Not Religious

In most cases if the word God is mentioned, one’s mind automatically shifts its focus directly toward religion. Why is that? The reason is, that our understanding is completely fixed on the belief that any revelation concerning God has been delivered to us through the medium of religion. The form of religion, particular system, or faith is not yet at issue here, only the fact that, the concept of God, when we are confronted with it is immediately processed through our psyche via the filter of religion. — excerpt, “God Is Not Religious”

Dios No Es Religioso

Dios No Es ReligiosoCasi siempre, cuando se menciona el nombre de Dios, nuestra mente automáticamente gira directamente hacia la religión. ¿Por qué ocurre esto? La razón es porque nuestro entendimiento está completamente absorto en la creencia que toda revelación referente a Dios nos fue dada por un medio religioso. La clase de religión, de un sistema particular, o de fe, no es aún un tema a tratar, es simplemente que cuando nos confrontan con el concepto de Dios, lo procesamos inmediatamente por nuestra psiquis a través del filtro de religión.

The American Dream

For the better part of three centuries, a myriad of men and women near and far, big and small, dark and light, diverse in background and disposition, have laid hold on this vision, to grab the golden ring, to reach the highest peak, to lay hold on the rainbow’s end! … However, the question I pose today is this: Is the American Dream the Christian Dream? For many Christians, especially in America, these two have become synonymous. But is it biblical? — excerpt, “The American Dream”

The Joshua Generation

joshuaGod is raising up a New Army in this day, a new breed of soldier, a unique people set apart unto His design, I call it the New Order. A group of sanctified soldiers who have no regard for culture or propriety, who are not dominated by religious boundaries and guidelines. We just don’t care about these nuances, because we are motivated by a deeper burden. We see the giants tearing our children to pieces. We see them squatting on God’s land! There is a new order on the horizon. — excerpt, “The Joshua Generation”

Out of the Ashes Music CD

OutoftheAshes_coveronlyTrack List:

1. Sacrifice
2. Man abandoned
3. Ride the breeze
4. Phoenix
5. Jerusalem
6. Lions den
7. Save face
8. The queen and the soldier
9. Would you?
10. Dance of life
11. Soul searching
12. Take me higher
13. No one came
14. Love of mine
15. Here He comes