Danny, my dearest brother in the Lord,

I am a new listener to Hagmann & Hagmann. This is where I came across the wonderful insights and teachings of the show on January 19, 2015. Four years ago, the Holy Spirit showed me exactly what you so elegantly expressed, concerning that we are the Temple of Christ Jesus, a temple not made with hands. I’ve been in several local churches, professing to be spirit filled, and shared these views from God’s Word as shown to me by the Holy Spirit, and quite frankly, I felt as though I was getting stoned by the leaders of the Church. Everyone kept talking about the resurrection of the physical temple building, but totally missing the resurrection of the spiritual temple of the body of Christ. I am praising our Lord Jesus for allowing me to hear the confirmation of His Holy Spirit teachings to me! I am on the right, narrow way that leads to life everlasting!

Thank you for clearly showing the apostate church and what it looks like in today’s world. I don’t know if you have an email you send on a daily or weekly basis concerning the prophecies and Words the Lord shares with you; but please, sign me up!

I give all the praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, who meets us in our hour of need, whatever that need may be. He’s never too late, never too early, but always right on time with what each of His children need to encourage us on walk with Him.

God Bless and keep you all,



Blessings to you sister Deborah, so excited that you are listening and I love the revelation you possess concerning the true identity of the Church!  Please join us on our live broadcasts Wednesdays and Sundays 7pm est. Also, visit the archives on our website or directly through blogtalk for more teachings and excellent series. Dr. Danny