Dear Danny,


“The Apostasy” which immediately precedes the Day of Christ will rival no other period of apostasy in Church history. The great apostasy will be an identifiable event in which the entire organized Church system departs from the faith of Jesus Christ as it is set forth in the Greek Textus Receptus. To deceive the religious masses, false teachers will portray “the apostasy” as a “revival” or “reformation” of the Church or a “new revelation” of God.

I see this little quote as very good insight on what we are seeing in the visible acceptable, NICE so called church leadership- that is moving back under ROME’S AUTHORITY the reforming of the visible historic ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. The head injury that has been healed.

Just to come into agreement, I believe in your NEW REFORMATION that I believe the Lord has given you and is part of His Agenda moving forward an era of awakening to His truths for the real body of Christ.