Hello, Dr. Marano,
I just heard you last night  on the Hagmann Report.    I would like to ask you  what God would want his people to do at this time?  If We stay here, then  the chances of surviving thru what’s coming seems slim.    It is not easy to leave the country , yet wouldn’t it be better to go somewhere else ?   I’ve been considering Ecuador or Philippines.  I’m retired without families.  I would like to stay, but where should I go  from nuclear attacks for one thing besides all other evil, that are waiting us here?   Have you heard from the Lord about this?  strangely Christian leaders are not saying anything about this.    couple of years ago, as I was praying, I was impressed to read Ps. 114.
I tried to leave the u.s., yet I’m still not sure whereto, so I’m still here as time is running out.  I  even tried to move to the Midwest(AR) area, but I doubt that would do much good either.   I don’t have families or groups of people to protect ourselves together(I wonder if that would work, unless the Lord is our shield).
I really would like to hear from you.   If the Lord showed you anything , would you share it about this important matter?  I would greatly appreciated.   Thank you very much.
Greetings Grace,

Thank you for listening. I teach those who listen to my program that the only security we have in these last days is in our intimate relationship with the Lord. Only He can lead us and protect us, no matter where we are on this earth. The safest place on the planet is in the center of God’s will for our lives and this is not geographical. Tribulation will overtake the whole world and confront the wicked wherever they attempt to flee but the righteous will be kept by His supernatural power and love, no matter where they might be stationed for His purpose. If you will seek Him and cultivate deep intimacy with Him, He will guide you and direct you as to where you should be and when, according to His perfect will for your life. Trust Him and don’t allow fear driven man to cause you to trust in outward circumstances and fleshly resources for your protection and provision. The Lord loves His own and will keep them through every trial until He brings them into His eternal kingdom. Blessings, Dr. Danny