I was a JW for 38 years and am now a born again Christian. I am an “End Timer” and have read numerous publications by many of Sheila Zilensky’s guests ranging from Steve Quayle, Tom Horn and others. I absolutely applaud and cheer every time I hear you come on her shows. After leaving the JW’s, I visited many churches to try and find one that preached the whole gospel and was dismissed and even insulted by them when I brought up prophecy to the pastors. I started to question the direction I believed the Lord was sending me until the veil was lifted a second time and I understood that it was not me, it was them.
As a JW, I was in the minority as someone who believed I was actually saving lives when I went door to door and one of the few elders that actually practiced shepherding the sheep. It’s in my DNA to preach the truth and as of yet not found out what I’m being prepared for if anything. I do believe God is raising up his Watchmen and I think I have an inkling of what that will be for me, but will have to wait til I return home after a one year separation from my wife and family.
The closer I got to the Lord the more I realized I needed to go back and try to save my family and possibly others. He has brought me along slowly, but the Big Picture is very clear to me now and I would love an opportunity to be a part of your discussion group and benefit from your shepherding as well.
Ryan Stuber
Wow Ryan,

Thanks for listening! I am so excited to have a person of your background on board! Congratulations on your initial discovery of the truth and many blessings on your continued pursuit of God’s plan for your life and ministry. We will send you the info for the teleconference call so that you can take part and I encourage you to visit our website and especially, the resources page where you can access my books and the archives of our show, ” Let’s Talk, God is not Religious”.

Dr. Danny