Howdy to all of the Family who are listeners to Let’s Talk,
OK so after listening to the last episode of the show if we don’t understand the infilling and the gifts of the Holy Spirit I don’t know what else it is going to take.
But just remember this, WE MUST pick up our cross and follow Jesus daily and listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Also spend time EVERYDAY in the Word. If you want to hear what the Holy Spirit wants you to know read what He has to say. Listen to an Audio Bible. Listen to different translations which are mans spin but rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of the word to you. You get out of life what you put into it concerning all things. Yes sometimes we get overwhelmed and fall down on the job put a new day dawns and we can pick back up where we left off. Stop trying to be perfect. Just be honest. Keep looking towards that Divine Light. But Study Study Study. We do indeed perish from our lack of true knowledge which comes from the Lord. As Danny has said “God did not create us to be stupid.”
Also try to wean yourself off of social media. Waste of time and in my opinion it makes you look stupid. Don’t follow the World. Pick up the phone and call somebody. Work on forming true friendships with people that are tangible and live close by.
WE know when we have received the Holy Spirit.You won’t have to ask. You will be enveloped in Him and will know the difference through everything you do everyday and in your perception of the World. You can clearly see the lies. If you can’t right off the bat concerning a certain issue then YOU study to show yourself approved. Don’t rely on Danny or anyone else. Rely on the Holy Spirit.
We are living in trying times and I know sometimes we need a break to just nurture ourselves and commune with the Holy Spirit. Do this as it is a necessary part of our walk with the Lord. Let you Holy Spirit refresh you. Then get back out there and let your light shine before all men.
Hang in there my Brothers and Sisters keep fighting the good fight. There is nothing worth it in this world that should ever make you want to throw in the towel.
OK get back to work and God Bless you all.
Sister Gini