Let me ask you this, what is God’s goal for our Christian lives, are we sure that the goals that we have for our Christian lives are consistent with God’s goal for our Christian Lives?


God’s only goal for our lives is two-fold:

1. Make us like Christ

2. Share that Christ-like life with others

These two principles are highlighted in the two commandments that our Lord gave us, which sum up the whole of the law God instituted & gave to his people & the message & spirit of His prophets.

1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul & strength  = Christlikeness

2. Love your neighbor as yourself = sharing that Christlikeness – Matt 22:47

But this doesn’t appear to be enough for us, we want more! Contrary to the Lord’s emphatic command to deny ourselves & die to our own self-interest, we instead, want him to make us more of ourselves.  Therefore, we are ultimately at cross-purposes with him, at odds with his simple yet profound & noble goal. The problem is our goal is not really Christlikeness but rather, self-fulfillment, promotion & enrichment, sanctioned, sponsored and promoted by him.  A religious self-life, decked out with all the ornaments of prosperity, health, positive self-image & self-fulfilling, envy inspiring grandiose success.  All this, in the name of godliness, practiced through a pious prescription of self-serving religion, laid out for us systematically through rules, laws, guiding principles & a good intentioned, industrious drive to be established, promoted & eventually achieving the highest reward, being celebrated in the midst of our fellow self-deluded well meaning spiritual peers.  Heaping upon ourselves the praises of men for the work of God so skillfully & powerfully executed!

So let’s talk about it, do you agree that this is God’s ultimate desire for every believer or is this too narrow of a mindset to carry in this complex age?