Hi Dr. Danny, i heard you on Sheila Zilinsky’s podcast and i have a question, i was prayed over from a few people (christian’s) in the 1990″s when i started to go to church for the first time and a baby new christian, still living in a sinful place (living with a boyfriend) well these two people prayed over me to receive baptism in the spirit, well the first person prayed for this for an hour, in there car, i ended up filled with laughter and they drove me home and i went to lay down and laughed for over an hour or more, i do believe i received the baptism, but i did not speak in tongues… my girlfriend who does warfare in tongues and speaks and sings in her tongues has prayed over me many time also, but to this day i am struggleing with speaking in tongues… some times the Holy Spirit comes and i do speak in Tongues.. but its very limited… i’m not sure what is going on with me.. i have been living and growing in God for the past 15 years, living alone and working.  I do struggle in this, and the enemy uses this against me to tell me i’m not born again… i Know this is not true, but why am i having this struggle, i come from a very troubled past, and the Lord has healed me Hugely and has gifted me with other Gifts that are very special, but this one is important so could you have any insight in this?
Sincerely, marlayna  a sister in Christ



Greetings Marlayna,

Thanks for listening! Please don’t waste any time doubting your salvation, this is a diversion and futile exercise. The fact that you are so concerned over these things is evidence that the Lord is at work in your life. When you receive the Holy Spirit it is a birthing of your spirit and you begin in infancy just like natural birth and you must grow and develop in your speech just like learning to speak in the natural. I encourage you to get into prayer and meditation intimately with the Lord and ask Him to mature your spiritual language and deepen your intercourse with Him. Please listen to my series on “The Person of the Holy Spirit” and get the accompanying book ” The Sinner’s Prayer Gospel”. Blessings,

Dr. Danny