First, Thank You for all you do! I am a new listener and am learning lots. In podcast #13 (I think) I heard you say that we should not be of this earth, and we shouldn’t have our focus here, and we should disconnect from worldly activities. I get that in general, but it confuses me. At what level should we disconnect, and how do we reconcile not being of this world with being completely ambivalent? For example, should we be involved in local City Council to help direct laws? Should I defend myself if someone breaks into my home and threatens me? I trust in Christ and I know things will happen in His time, but I don’t want to just give up and then discover that I should have been more accountable for a certain level of action.



Thanks for listening! Regarding your question, for the self-defense issue, I would direct you to my teaching from yesterday evening, “Sinner’s Prayer Gospel #15″, as I addressed this in detail. As far as our involvement in the world system and its insurmountable challenges, there is only 24 hours in a day and life is short. There is nothing directly wrong with being involved in honest civic or political life (if that exists) but it is a matter of perspective and priorities. We must truly decide to which kingdom we belong and the realization of which we are working toward as Christians, the eternal kingdom of Christ or the temporal, arbitrary, rebellious kingdoms of this earth that God has already placed under judgment. I recommend listening to my series ” The Invisible Nation”, where I clearly lay out for the Christian, to whom His allegiance and servitude should be directed, according to scripture.

Should we spend our time, energy, effort and intellectual and spiritual acumen trying to repair an “old worn out garment”, as the letter of Peter refers to this world system, or could that righteous industry be better utilized bringing souls into Christ’s kingdom and preparing His Church to reign with Him in His Millennial reign? There are amoral and noble endeavors to be undertaken in the world but as the Apostle Paul states, everything that is permissible is not necessarily, expedient. I encourage us to examine the first Church and it’s Apostles and see if they made any room in their holy agenda for preoccupation with changing the world system or if they we were completely fulfilled and adequately taken up with advancing the gospel? Blessings, Dr. Danny