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Hello Danny and Bambi my name is Nathan Norman and I have been following your teachings for around a year now. I do not attend any corporate “church” buildings so I would say you are my main teacher. I have purchased most of your books and have grown a lot in my knowledge of who God really is. I have been blessed beyond measure, I would like to continue learning from your ministry as there aren’t any adequite teachers of the true word here in San Clemente Ca. I haven’t sent any offerings yet, however I feel the Lord calling me to support this ministry even though I can’t provide much. I’m not sure of any other way to get ahold of you aside from sending this message via the blog talk radio website. I couldn’t find a way to reach you on Godisnotreligious.net. Anyways thanks for all the wonderful teachings as you and Bambi are a great team bringing the truth to the masses. I plan on bringing these teachings with me wherever I go and am interested in the new format spoken of on 7/5/15.

Dear Danny and Bambi:

First let me say how much I love and appreciate you both!  God has truly blessed me when he led me to hear you on Hagmann and Hagmann.  Your messages confirm what the Lord has been teaching me these past 5 years.  Your message on the Holy Spirit has led me to acknowledge that I have not allowed Him full control and access to me to change me from the inside out.  I long to be completely His but am not sure what is holding me back, perhaps it is fear, whatever the cause I want it gone so that I can be a useful vessel for the Lord.  Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.  I look forward to your new forum!  God Bless you both!  Your sister in Christ