Hi Dr. Danny.

A few quick things I want to mention. I enjoy your lectures too btw. Thanks for doing what you do.

I’m not sure I’m 100% correct on all this below, … but I think I am. I think I have the general correct vague understanding of all this stuff I mention below, … (even though I don’t completely understand it).

(1) The income tax (IT) is a fraud. It is “voluntary”. It probably officially started in 1913, … but the federal govt. only started to gradually collect it before / during WWII. Joseph Goebbles lauded Disney for his successful Donald Duck campaign convincing 50% of Americans to start voluntarily (needlessly) paying income taxes (appealing to their sense of patriotism) that weren’t paying them before. (If IT’s are legitimate, then why didn’t ALL Americans have to start paying it starting in 1914?) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the literal definition of slavery is when a person does not own (the fruits of?) his own labor. A number of very brave people get out of paying IT’s today by asking the IRS specific questions instead of responding to specific audit accusations / questions directly, … thus avoiding what is called a “controversy”. Once the IRS can get you to respond in such a way that starts a “controversy” (whatever that is), you’re screwed. If you get audited, & If you respond by asking your same correct &/or additional correct questions repeatedly that you know the IRS will never answer, & you don’t say something stupid that starts a “controversy”, … my understanding is the IRS will never try to make you pay income taxes again, … assuming you don’t start being a braggart to the whole world about what you just did. That’s not to say the IRS hasn’t illegally & criminally put some very brave people in prison, … even though the IRS can’t supposedly legally throw anyone in prison for not paying income taxes they are determined to try & throw in there. Sometimes they are successful, & sometimes they’re not.
Since us Americans are soooo stupid to having needlessly consented to becoming slaves (to the IRS) by paying a portion of the fruits of our labor in the form of Income Taxes (which I think pretty much all goes to the illuminati military industrial complex allowing them to be “the hammer of the word” building the prison around all of us with our own tax money that gets funneled to black ops, … I guess it’s time to try & do it again (as 2nd income tax) called Carbon Taxes, … because we are soooo bad (self-loathing brainwashing) for even existing for supposedly causing all the poisonous carbon monoxide warming the planet, … & it was a mistake we were ever born. (Global warming is a lie btw which I’m sure you already knew to try & convince us to consent to being taxed & impoverished, enslaved, & eradicated even more than we already are).

(2) I think churches are “officially” forbidden to even file a federal tax return, .. but LBJ tricked them in the 1960’s into needlessly becoming a 501C3 corporation (needless consent to be governed, … when before they were “free”) with future donations being “tax deductible” for the congregation (the satanic carrot on a stick). Churches can go back to being “churches” if they want & renounce their 501C3 status NOW if they want, (& I think a number of them have), … but I think people who donate money to “churches” can’t use their donations as tax write-offs. So if YOUR organization is not a 501C3 and YOU are paying income taxes on YOUR GodIsNotReligious donations, YOU are probably doing so needlessly. Is it possible for the IRS to even accept your erroneous mistaken income tax payments? Probably. If a church were a “church” & not a 501C3 any more, doesn’t that mean “churches” have the power to not marry gay couples & there’s not a damn thing any government could legally do about it?…. at least for now? If that’s true, … there’s no sense in abandoning the “church buildings” until everyone absolutely has to (not just roll over & die), …. which will probably eventually happen.

I have a bunch of web site links regarding the stuff I mentioned above I could send you if you are interested. As soon as I hear something of value with a web link I make a point of trying to bookmark every important nugget I can immediately, because all this stuff I learn about is “golden”. The problem is, …. I have a very finite 1963 megabyte brain in a 2015 terabyte world & I can’t process all the data. Then there’s also all the flouride drain bamage to take into consideration too 🙁 I do my best.

Warmest regards,