Hello Brother Danny, I have listened and am blessed by your shows, and I thank you for them. I do have a question, Why do a lot of people say we are to “surrender” to The Lord?  I can’t find the word surrender in the bible or in the strongs concordance, I do however find we are to “Submit” to The Lord. If we are in a spiritual battle should we not submit to our commander, The Lord Jesus Christ? Can you please help me here as I know sometimes “words” can trick us.
Thank you, Carol
Greetings Carol,
That is a very perceptive observation, it is true that the English word “surrender” is not found but the concept of absolute submission, as you have stated, is both stated and emphasized, which i would submit implies basically the same meaning. The fact is that none of our English translation does any justice to the original text in Greek. Perhaps, surrender is a little bit stronger but i believe that if one really examines the overall spirit of our devotion to Christ presented in the New Testament this sentiment cannot be denied. Blessings,
Dr. Danny