Hello Dr Danny,

I was looking out for your show with Daniel on Revelation Ready and was wondering why the program was not listed, I thought  it might have been cancelled but rather shocked to hear that it was censored by Tru News.  I just wrote an email expressing my disappointment with Rick and the team on censoring your program.

I too heard his interview with Tony Palmer and also the outrage lots of his listeners felt about it.  Rick said that he felt obliged to hear someone else’s point of view even if they do not agree, hence I was surprised to hear that he censored your program, which meant that it is the truth.

I am very disappointed and shocked that Rick who claims to be man of standing for the true gospel would do such a thing.  I really do not know what to believe any more.

Keep up with the good news and keep focus on GOD even when HE hath made your path prosperous we see that money and fame corrupts those who started off good.