Our Mission Statement

An open forum approach to church fellowship, promoting and cultivating an interactive format where teaching is imparted through a question and answer process.  Participants are encouraged to present their spiritual queries and struggles in an orderly and concise manner, whereby the residing elder/overseer/teacher will attempt with the aid of scripture and Holy Spirit inspiration to provide adequate instruction, correction, inspiration to provide adequate instruction, correction, inspiration and encouragement.

Comments and exhortation may also be solicited from the other participants within the bounds of relevance and congeniality.  The overall objective being, to create a liberated atmosphere where people feel free and comfortable to share their concerns and get their longtime, internalized questions at the least addressed and ideally answered.  This format is being employed to stir discussion and participation amongst God’s people and counter the current spectator, one-way monologue program that is being practiced in most contemporary church worship services.  The goal being to allow the Holy Spirit the freedom, time and interaction to bring knowledge, wisdom, healing and support to the members of Christ’s body, for one another and by one another.  As well as, inviting outside seekers of truth into a non-intimidating, non-traditionally religious setting of dialogue, where they can pose their questions without fear of judgment and openness and acceptance in a spirit of love and mutual engagement.