I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit our website, listen to our programs and interviews and if you have already as well, taken part in our Fellowship Conference calls. We greatly appreciate your interest and support and welcome your comments and suggestions.The website is a very valuable source of information and instruction where you can also find our program archives for the “Let’s Talk, God Is Not Religious” shows which have been airing on Blogtalk radio for the past two years. You will also find an active blog with relevant articles, comments and Q&A along with smaller teaching excerpts. One can also access my books and other resources and contact us directly. Visit our “God is not Religious” Facebook page, as well! We also have a Youtube channel which can be accessed directly from the website with several of my teaching series and includes many great video teachings. One can also access my many interviews via Youtube by simply searching under my name and some samples are also found under podcasts and HD on the website.

If you have not yet joined us for our Fellowship Conference calls which take place on Sundays at 11am EST and Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm EST, then I would like to cordially invite you to participate in this deeply rewarding time of fellowship, instruction and prayer. These intimate sessions go much deeper and provide for a more private setting where members find a safe place to ask their questions and receive personal ministry.This is a true virtual Church fellowship which takes the form of an open forum where I make myself available to directly answer questions and give counsel to our members as opposed to, a teaching or preaching format as found in most church services where the members are primarily spectators. Our people are encouraged to participate in the ministry and even be activated in and use their spiritual gifts! This is the Acts Church! We are absolutely amazed at the growth we are seeing in those who are taking part in this unique and innovative form of Christian fellowship.

We started this fellowship based on the need of those heeding the Holy Spirit’s message to come out of the Counterfeit Church system for genuine Christian fellowship and ministry and those who have been participating are finding it extremely rewarding. We pray that you as a listener will consider taking the next vital step in the process of renewal and become part of our Online Family!

Blessings in Him,
Dr. Danny Morano