What are your thoughts on Martyrdom, Protection of our families & the storing of Food?



Martyrdom and protection of our families are two different things yet, we must entrust both to God. More than likely, if the situation arose of my wife or daughters being raped in my presence I would probably not be in the position practically, to avert it (being held at gunpoint, restrained etc.) and I don’t think that the foolhardy suicide of sacrificing myself when I have no chance of succeeding would hinder this from occurring. We are so convinced, that if these horrible things were to occur that we would absolutely, have forewarning to prepare and be in the position to get the upper hand. This is the fallacy of self defense. As I always teach, ultimately, we are battling a spiritual enemy and only God has the power to protect us and cause us to escape such persecution.

If He does not provide for this then we must trust Him and be more concerned with the eternal security (salvation) of our families, as opposed to, preoccupation with their physical safety, which is only temporal and means nothing if they don’t truly belong to Christ. We must refocus! Trust God for His protection of you and your loved ones and don’t get caught up so much with hypothetical scenarios which will more than likely never take place.

The same goes for storing supplies, if you are able to, do what you can but don’t put your trust in earthly things, as the Master said,” where moth and rust doth corrupt and thieves break in and steal’. My dear brother, I encourage you to work on deepening your intimacy with the Holy Spirit so that you can develop full trust in His sovereignty in all situations and His never failing love for you!

He has loved you with an everlasting love and promised to be with you until the end of this wicked age.

Dr. Danny


Hi Danny,

Thanks for the email. I want you to know that I have a tremendous respect for you and your teaching. I am learning to trust Him more and more.

I have been watching end times for a long time now. It’s like looking at a car accident on the hwy., It’s hard to look away. In the meantime, I have taken my eyes off Him.

Your words, encouraging me to work on deepening my intimacy with the Holy Spirit so that I can develop trust in Him are dead on.

Thanks again for your ministry, may God bless you.