I don’t see Christ anymore

The procession of the Pious

Assemble in their chambers

And cultivate conquests

Of a forbidden shore


I don’t see Christ anymore

The Resurrection of the Sanhedrin

The Devout Council

Which takes the hypocritical oath to build Heaven on Earth!


I don’t see Christ anymore

Justicia Civilis is the name

Of this institution profaned

Which casts its bid

Against the lot

Only in rebellious conformation

To the hideous plot

Which has always been

But only now manifests itself in stock

And welcomes with open arms

This motley crew of avengers

Who deem themselves just

So that in the arms of justice

The transgression be made full


I don’t see Christ anymore

Through ultra-modern moral standard

Coupled with enthusiast propaganda

It appears as if victory has come, Alas!


But I see a lie in a fallen world.

For in effort to save the world

We have forfeited the soul!

And in turning the world from sin

We have left the sinner unmoved


I don’t see Christ anymore

Salvation of the material world

Is not the commission

We are called to perform

Lest in preserving the shell

We fail to lift the yoke within

Hence, our Heavenly hero

With gesture noble, motive impure

Elects God, the chief delegate

Of its unholy claim

And applies its hellish attributes

To His Hallowed Name

Then with Pharisaical Contention

Declares war on Evil

Yet seeks that very source

To bring about its self-righteous aim


I don’t see Christ anymore

Thus you ask:

How shall this Mighty Martyr

Meet its death?

I propose,

In reaching the very goal

It has set for itself.


[Daniel  Morano – 10-9-84]