What’s happening?

Tell me something?

This new creature, it is like learning how to live in a new body, not like I have ever done such a thing before.

But I did read a book of fiction about such an experience.

We [the children of the ABBA, children of the One True God, saved from eternal death from sin, saved by the Sacrifice of JESUS, our LORD, Faithful Forever, JESUS, the Name Above ALL NAMES]

We are no longer to be tossed [to and fro] by varying winds of Doctrine.

We are settled and not to be moved by that doctrinal wind.

We are One in the Faith of JESUS.

It is HIS WORK which HE is accomplishing in us.

I will not STRIVE to be more than I am.

I do not think more highly of myself than I OUGHT.

(RATM [Rage Against The Machine] said in a song *** “”” I am Calm like a bomb “””” ***.

To me, calm like a bomb means, incredible power , waiting for the command of ignition to set it off.

We are free men, God is with us , who therefore can restrain us.

No one can restrain us, except the gentle whisper of the HOLY GHOST.

The GHOST Everyone should be visiting and be possessed by.

Move me , shake me, overtake me Holy Spirit.

Possess me and bless me and seal me unto my day of redemption.

From Anonymous, one no longer enslaved by Satan a man no longer controlled by sin a man who wandered in total bondage and was ensnared by Satan whenever the Adversary desired to do so.

A free man , made so by the BLOOD of The Only Begotten SON OF The FAther