Dear Dr. Morano,

My name is Jim, I live in central Alabama, am 26 years old and approx. 9, 3/4 months Born Again (Spirit filled, tongue talking, baptized in Jesus’ name – all the stuff my Methodist upbringing placed no stock in).  I am an avid Hagmann and Zilinsky listener,  as well as a member/student of Torben Søndergaard’s Last Reformation & Pioneer School.  I read The Word more and more all the time and am well aware of the lateness of the hour – God even used my wife and I to sound the shofar over Birmingham, AL, from atop the gigantic pagan Vulcan statue in the center of town last Saturday, as it specifically had to be on the 23rd of May for some reason, after praying in Spiritual Warfare there once a month since the new year.  We didn’t even own a shofar when I felt He gave us the task, but one came in the mail as our very first wedding present!

That’s kind of what I wanted to ask you about.  Even though, in The Bible Belt, true Spirit filled believers are few and far in between, sort of putting a real Christian “ahead of the competition” so to speak, I try to stay humble and acknowledge that I’m learning something new almost daily, in service to The Lord.  It is this attitude, actually, that has me suddenly unsure of my marital situation.

A brother known only via facebook who has, otherwise, provided pretty sound doctrine these past few months, has been on my case lately about the fact that I’ve recently wed a divorced woman; actually, in his eyes we’re not really even married and need to repent and seperate ourselves ASAP or, essentially, face damnation because every time we sleep together it’s a continuity of a perpetually adulterous relationship – have you heard all this before?  It sounds crazy to me, but of coarse he has plenty of scripture to back-up his theory.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to explain that there was a definitive biblical difference between divorce and “putting away one’s wife” and even still is to this day in certain Orthodox Jewish communities, from what I’ve heard.  He’s having none of it and continues to suggest that any disagreement on my part is simply The Spirit convicting me of the danger we’re in.  I really, really don’t want to say that it’s getting to me, but…

Anyway, incase you would need it for an educated decision, I’ve never been maried before and the details of her divorce were based on the ex-husband’s actions including, but not limited to:

• lieing (chronic)
• cheating (adulterous)
• addictive (alcoholic)
• abusive (physical assault w/ a steak knife)
• abandonment (took the money and split for Texas, real struggle getting him to cough-up child support)

So, she was getting divorced and God was calling me out of a 5-year sinful relationship when we reconnected for the first time since college, now we’re married.  It was a quick turn around, yes, but our situation has resulted in her young son finally having a Christian father-figure who can financially support the family and my wife, Libby, was lead to The Spirit and proper baptism.  I briefly fasted and we both also prayed a lot prior to our engagement and felt like God approved – is it possible that the guy’s claims could be at all true?

Like I said, it’s borderline starting to brother me, but surely Jesus wouldn’t want us to divorce to resolve “this” would He?  There’s no way we could be in an adulterous relationship after a legal divorcement and a Christian wedding ceremony (not that there’s such a thing really described in Scripture, I know) could we?  If so, what are we supposed to do about it now besides repent (if necessary) ???

Thanks for your time, I’ve enjoyed listening to you recently on Sheila Z’s show and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Love in Christ




Dear Jim,

Thanx for listening! I am very happy to hear of you and your wife’s great enthusiasm for the Lord.I am sorry to hear that you are going through all of this confusion and condemnation, unnecessarily. Judge the tree by its fruit, brother. “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit” (Romans 8:1). If what you have told me is accurate, then your wife had legal grounds for divorce according to Christ’s ruling regarding adultery being grounds for divorce. You are a new creature in Christ having been born again and having received the Holy Spirit. I take it your wife has received the same? Jim, it is a new day, go forward in God’s grace where you see the fruit and blessing of the Lord and leave behind, under the blood what Christ has already forgiven and washed away. Also, break off any fellowship which is not edifying and causing you to grow and move forward in the Lord and wants to bring you under condemnation concerning your past. This is not the Holy Spirit’s voice but that of the “accuser of the brethren”.