Dear Dr. Morano,

I hope you have time to read this letter.  It is a bit long but it paints a picture of my experiences and there are not many people who I can discuss these things with.  Throughout my life I have had several unusual moments of clarity that I cannot explain. I needed to put them on paper to convince myself that I am not crazy and I trust you would be able to give some insight.  There have been many more instances but these five have played a pivotal role in fostering my development.  The following are in chronological order:

1.      When I was about eight years old I was at my cousin’s house watching television and was alone in the bedroom when I felt myself float upward towards space.  As soon as I questioned what was happening I was immediately jolted back into my physical body.  I thought that I had imagined it because I was young therefore, I never told anyone and who would have believed me anyway?

2.      One day as I slept I sensed a nefarious, evil presence come upon me whispering close by to my ear.  I was petrified because I could not move or call out to my parents for help.  This occurred two times that I can recall.  The 2nd time the presence came to me I began to recite the Lord’s Prayer in my mind.  I only got out a few words before the presence immediately left never to return.  I was between the ages of 8-9 years old.  I used to wonder how I knew this prayer or even that I should have prayed it.  I did not attend church then and I was very far from knowing God.  This incidence scared me so much that it took years before I felt comfortable enough to confide in only two people.

3.      The third incident was probably the most instrumental in placing me on the track of finding truth.  One year I inadvertently found the hidden Christmas gift my sister bought for me.  As I stood there admiring it, filled with excitement, I suddenly felt this surge of knowledge that this holiday was false.  Believe me when I say I was very happy with the Christmas celebration.  What young person isn’t, but this feeling was so strong I could not ignore it.  A couple of weeks, perhaps months later I happened upon a television show called The World Tomorrow.  The host discussed the pagan origins of Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.  There was my confirmation.  I would later do my own research; there was no internet then but I was amazed at the wealth of information there was regarding these topics.

4.      This fourth occurrence is by far the most controversial as it confronts the very anchor of American Christianity.  Right in the middle of church service (My church that I really loved) and I suddenly felt in my heart that there was something seriously wrong with all of this church stuff.  It felt like entertainment.  Over time I kept thinking there had to be more to all of this.  I subsequently ignored the feeling because I could not put my finger on the problem.  After all, how could my pastor be wrong?  He was so sincere, well loved, and had grew the church membership to approx 3,000 but that feeling would continue to tug at my heart as time went by.  I had decided that I wanted to know what this Christian walk was really all about and also to take my pastor off the pedestal.  A couple of years passed and I had a “wilderness experience”.  Not my first, but certainly more intense and devastating then I really knew.  I found out how shallow my faith was and that I was walking that “broad way that led to destruction”.  How deceived I was.  Praise God for mercy!  This catapulted my desire to read the Bible regularly, seeking God, repenting, crying out to him to teach me how to love and forgive etc.  Nothing like hard times to wake a person up.  LOL.  As I examined the scriptures and seeking I realized what the church preaches does not fully line up with the Word of God.  The pastors preach truth based on the Bible but they do not equip the Saints for spiritual battles.   They do not teach on repentance, living righteously, or even understand the significance of these mass animal die-offs.  Of course, I do not know the mystery of God’s plan but according to the Bible, it appears that there is no pre-trib rapture either.  The institution of the church is GREATLY DECEIVED.  I was flabbergasted so much so that I put pen to paper and began randomly sending out a letter to pastors in an effort to wake them up.  A lot of them are truly asleep.  I thought to myself …who are you to be giving spiritual advice to pastors of churches.  I just could not believe that my former pastor and others were not speaking about the signs that are right in front of our faces.  I certainly did not want to appear prideful.  I sent the letters anyway because either they were mislead, aware but afraid or down with the program.  Either way it was frightening because these men/women are leading their flock right off the cliff.  At least if they told them the whole truth they could not be held responsible for those who refuse to listen.

5.      I used to be an avid Ancient Aliens fan but I could not reconcile the factual, documented data regarding the megalithic stone structures, technology, numerous accounts of alien abductions and the petro glyphs of what appears to be non-human entities all across the globe.  I would ponder this conundrum over and over and one day I received the revelation that the so-called aliens were demonic.  Not long after I received what I believe to be confirmation by way of some, who I later began to respect such as Augusto Perez, Nathan Leal and L.A. Marzulli, who discussed these topics on their radio shows.

I came across your show as a result of listening to a Hagmann and Hagmann broadcast in which you were a co guess with Mr. Perez. I recently began listening to your series entitled: The Sinners Prayer Gospel.  You are amazingly concise, thorough, and knowledgeable; you confirmed what I have felt in my heart for years.

Now to get to the point, as the situation would present itself I have attempted tell family and friends
(Most of who are Christians) about Christmas and had data to back it up, but they would go back to sleep.  I also informed them of the church deception but it was not received.  I am usually the one who is thought to be odd because I think differently.  I do not want to beat a dead horse so I stopped talking about this stuff.  The thing that shakes me to my core is that most Christians do not have a personal relationship with Jesus nor do they realize how vital this is; they have been hoodwinked.  This world system offers nothing but death and devastation.

My questions are:

1.      What am I supposed to do with this information; what is the point of knowing if no one is listening?

2.      How do I receive the gift of the Holy Spirit?   I was not aware that we were supposed to receive it.  In my ignorance I thought, like a lot of people that it was an option.  Then I realized what the parable about the 10 virgins was saying.

I thank you very much for your powerful teachings.  You are a Godsend.

First off let me say thank you for listening & for taking the time to send in your thoughts & questions.  This is what the “Let’s Talk Ministry” is all about, so it is very exciting & encouraging for us here at the ministry when our listeners to the program give us their feedback on the weekly teachings.
I am very happy to hear that the program is ministering to you! I was intrigued with your testimony and I applaud you on your stand in the face of opposition and apathy. Please do not be discouraged, I often feel the same way, that I am preaching in vain but this is not the case, my dear sister. The Lord has given you these powerful experiences for a purpose and has ordained for you to reach certain people who need this truth desperately!

I am greatly impressed and encouraged by your courage to confront false leadership with the truth of God’s Word. God bless you! Please don’t give up or shrink back and know that the Lord will keep your back, as you honor Him in this fashion. Regarding the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, I would encourage you to stay on board with the “Sinner’s Prayer Gospel” series, as I will be covering this in the second part of the teaching. I would encourage you to purchase the book “Sinner’s Prayer Gospel” and read ahead about the Person of the Holy Spirit and listen to an archived show I did entitled “Receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit” where I also prayed for people to receive.

I find your humility and hunger for the Lord absolutely refreshing in this climate of compromise. Please don’t lose heart and press in deeper to the Lord and He will answer your thirst with His all-encompassing love and power! Keep in touch.