Dear Danny,

I have been listening since April when I first caught you on the Hagmann”s and have been a downloader ever since. I wish I could listen live but because of work I can’t- but I listen to every program. It makes my heart so happy to see you both standing for truth. I pray for you and the show. I am also grateful to hear Jose’s show, who I found through you. I do not know anybody else except for my mom who believes like I do. I often feel like a cast away from those closest in relation to me. But these past few months I have really been strengthened with what I have learned and realized there are others of the Lord’s children out there too going through these same things.

I wanted to tell you that the series you have done about the invisible nation has really opened my eyes and taught me about how the enemy can work from within. With all the patriotic talk going on lately- it seems very easy to fall into that trap and this has made me realize exactly that. It is a deception. The thing you taught that got me the most was the comparison about Israel- Jesus did not tell the disciples to start a revolution to save Israel- because that was not their kingdom.

I also very much appreciated the rapture series- there has been a “feeling” in me that the concept was not right. The first disciples were not raptured out of here- they endured to the very end. That’s what I need to keep within me, that through much trial and tribulation we enter the kingdom, but not to fear because he who promised is faithful.

I won’t make this any longer although I could go on and on! Just to thank you both so very much, and hoping you will keep on for those out there like me who know we do not go to church, we are the church 🙂 With love and support, may God bless and protect you always.