Hi Danny,
Thou sayest there be a few members of the body in unlikely places that most folks can’t see. Absolutely! Maybe even most of them, especially if one is looking for love of truth instead of ‘correct’ doctrine. Look at this and laugh, and understand that I speak loosely and with a little bit less than the due diligence it deserves:
We have pastor Eli James, who seems to have his history down, except that he seems to put too much emphasis on the Anglo-Saxons as inheritors of ‘the birth right’. He thinks the other races pretty much get zip, except for the provisions of the ‘new covenant’. I’m not sure what his concept of that entails. He emphasizes that those saying they are jews today are Edomites and will be destroyed at the Lord’s return, with the interesting clarification that they will all spontaneously combust ! Who knows… one will be taken and one will be left…(smile)
And we have pastor Dowell… He also has his history down, except that he concludes that the Hebrews were and are the black race. They do seem to have been dispersed more than others, sort of, but I don’t see much evidence of blacks being key to spreading the Gospel. He concludes that it’s the white folks that are the Edomites or Cananites, which kind of makes sense since it’s mostly white folks building the silicon beast.
And we have Danny Morano, who is also relentless on his attack of the counterfeit church. He’s definitely hot on the trail of the Holy Spirit, but leaves the Joseph ministry to others. He doesn’t seem to think that the racial aspects deserve much attention, but he will defend to the death your right to… well, maybe not (smile). Perhaps the Lord will use one of the other two to feed and protect him if the angels are busy (smile).
What is one to conclude? All appear to have diligently examined the scriptures, but divide them differently. What purpose do these apparently irreconcilable differences serve amongst the men with the best Word? If the ‘Body of Christ’ were to ‘gather all in one place’ , any sort of place, too soon would they screw it all up? Or make too good a target? Do you have a ‘unified field theory?



My dear Romemine,

I always enjoy your spirited remarks. I encourage you to discover the common denominator regarding the differences between the teachings and spirits of those with whom you desire to throw me into the same bucket. I will give you a hint, there emphases is on the flesh and mine on the spirit. I have not heard the teachings of your esteemed pontificators but going on what you have presented here, they come to “racial” conclusions. Again, pure evidence that they respect men’s persons according to the flesh which the New Covenant absolutely, discourages if not forbids. White or black supremacy is absolutely erroneous and ridiculous and is of the same spirit that the Apostles condemned within the first church in regard to the circumcision-Hebrews who wanted to limit the gospel to Judaism and exclude others according to racial heritage and observance of the antiquated Law of Moses. These of course, were at least real Jews, as opposed to your post-modern judaizing apostates of whom you speak and the these first century Hebrews also were imposing the genuine Law of Moses unjustly on new believers not picking and choosing from a platform of ignorance as ill informed gentiles, driven by carnal motives of racial hatred and bitterness. Thus, putting their religious pride in blood and race.
” But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His Name, He gave the right to become children of God, who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God. “John 1:12-13” English Standard Version
As far as the Joseph ministry goes, once again, foolish fleshly believers are putting their trust in food and drink and worst of all, weaponry of which the Savior told us clearly, was not what the Kingdom of God consisted of rather, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. So yes, I am on the trail of the Holy Spirit and it is He and the holy Angels who will protect me in the time of conflict not a bunch of flesh driven, misguided cowboys who will have their precious provisions either confiscated or their prepped up compounds droned. Remember the fate of the stored up manna in the desert and Jesus told us it is He whom we will ultimately have to feed on to sustain both existential and spiritual life.
Blessings as always my dear brother. I encourage you to do as the Apostle Paul instructs in 1 Corinthians 1:13, compare spiritual things with spiritual and leave those who trust in the flesh for their salvation to either the Holy Spirit’s correction or their eventual demise.