Hi Brother Danny,
I love your show. God’s truth is all powerful and you deliver His truth. This is indeed lacking in the “church” that we can trot off to on a Saturday night or Sunday morning. I am on the maintenance staff at my church. You have it right concerning the outside of the cup vs the inside of the cup. My church was a host church for the Global leadership summit. Sad stuff. On the poster the name of Jesus was at the very bottom in itty bitty letters. I could go on. Anyway wanted you to know I am out here in Colorado and I listen to all of your shows more than once. I am reading the Sinners Prayer Gospel. Excellent. I share your show via email and text with many people. Never get any feed back except from one friend. Who knows.
These are brothers and sisters in Christ. But I pray they will take the time to listen as your show is so so good and I have learned so much from listening to you. Thank you . God bless you and Bambi and your families.

Greetings Virginia,
Thanks for listening! So glad you are getting so much out of the ministry and thank you for sharing it with others. Don’t get discouraged, many don’t want to hear the truth and some need time to digest it , as American Christians in particular, are so used to the lukewarm that the hot burns at first. Keep up the good work and faith sister! Blessings!
Dr. Danny