I have a few questions. I will submit them to you one at a time for clarity’s sake.

I’ve been given a pendant as a gift with the “Furcas” symbol on it someone bought for me at a Renaissance fair. On the little paper explaining the symbol it says it is supposed to ‘bring peace of mind & dispel fear & timidity’ & claims to be ‘a talisman from the 17th century British Museum’s Keys of Solomon manuscripts., whose symbols were originally written down by King Solomon & copied & passed down through the generations. On Wikipedia regarding “Furcas”, it starts off by saying “In demonology, Furcas or Forcas is a Knight of Hell (the rank of Knight is ……). That doesn’t sound good & awfully contradictory to the paper that came with the pendant.

Upon further research, it appears to me the Star of David is really comes from < The Seal of Solomon < The Great Pentacle < Kabalism < Lucifarianism < Satanism. Am I more or less correct?

You mentioned once the Christian Cross symbol comes from a pagan symbol representing the four rivers that came out of Eden. Is that an evil symbol too?

Heck, is there any safe good benevolent symbol for anyone to wear around one’s neck?



Greetings Layne,

I know it is very frustrating when you start to learn the origins of things. Speaking of Solomon in the book attributed to Him, Proverbs, he states “with much wisdom comes much sorrow”. I have found this to be true. Maybe we should ask ourselves what is behind our need to don such things, is this a religious spirit we have been cultivated with in our rearing, for instance? There is absolutely nothing innately wrong with jewelry but when we find the need to attach talismans of any sort we should ask ourselves why? I would venture that it can be traced to some part of our religious or superstitious upbringing. Do you have a wife Layne? I bet she would be flattered if you sported her name around your neck and I don’t think the Lord would object. 🙂 Blessings