Hi Dr. Danny,
I just wanted to write you and let you know that me and my wife Dolly are very blessed by your ministry. We corresponded a little before, a few months ago when I purchased a couple of your books. But just wanted to encourage you and let you know that you are really blessing us tremendously, and I’m certain many many others feel the same!
We have been listening to all of your archives, and love your series. We’ve actually listened to some a few times. We never miss a broadcast on your channel, and try to catch any that you do with anyone else. I am friends with Sheila Zilinsky on Facebook so luckily we have caught the last couple you have done with her.
We really look forward to anytime you are on. It’s a real treat to hear the TRUTH from someone who isn’t afraid to offend anyone!! I am not trying to put you on any special pedestal brother, but I can honestly say there is no one out there, that I have heard, that  I feel in my spirit  who is speaking the highest percentage of truth,  with no conviction of error as you are. I have really whittled down my list of “alternative radio” personalities to only a select few now. But you are the only one my spirit connects with as truth!   We listen through our cellphones so can’t really interact on the chat but I honestly feel like we are part of your ministry family. We are so thankful there are true men of God like you out there who are trying so hard to straighten this demonic religious mess out.
Well I don’t want to turn this into a book, and I apologize for any grammatical mistakes. Just please know that you are truly blessing so many with your commitment to TRUTH.
Thank you so much and we Love you as a brother in The Lord!