Dear Dr. Danny,


I pray and ask God everyday to give me the gift of the holy spirit. I have not received the  indwelling. From what I have heard you say is that if we do not have this gift than we are not saved.  Does this mean that I am not one of Gods children?


The fact that you are so hungry for God shows that He has called you. The Lord works with us patiently and mercifully, don’t waste time doubting your salvation, just continue the process of surrender. If you ask the Holy Spirit to come in and fill you, He will. I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit several months after I had surrendered to Christ. We are prisoners of time but God is not. Let Him roll over you with His wonderful presence and receive Him like a child would, absent of fear. Remember, Jesus is the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost and you love Him, so simply ask Him to do the work and He will lovingly respond!

Dr. Danny