Dear Dr. Danny,


Did I get what you were say on the Hagmann & Hagmann show correctly, will there be no rapture of the bride before Jesus comes again, at the time of the Armageddon?  Alive or not, as believers , this will be the time when all the believers are taken and then Jesus will destroy the enemy and throw Satan into the bottomless Pitt for a thousand years. Is this correct?  Of course, this blows my thought of being taken as part of the bride out of here at the last trump, just before the battle of Armageddon.

I have always believed that believers will not be taken before the tribulation, but that we would be taken before the final judgement of God, for scripture says, “we are not appointed to wrath”.

Now I am a bit mixed up, am I not to believe what is said on tribulation-now. Com, about the bride leaving.  I don’t watch any of those TV preachers but I read the scripture and want some clarification as a believer in these end times.

Thanks for a great program.  Help me understand.


Thanks for listening & for your question! I would encourage you to listen to my show “Let’s talk…God is not Religious” on Blogtalk Radio, we air on Tues, Thurs & Sunday nights at 7- 9pm.  I will be starting a series on exposing the false teachings & doctrines on the “Rapture Theory.”  I believe this will be very helpful for you, as I will be teaching in much more depth on the falsehood of this theory & it’s origins.    But for now, what you stated above in your first paragraph is correct. There is no secret, invisible, partial return of Christ in the clouds before the seven year tribulation and then a subsequent, visible return at Armageddon seven years later.

As you heard me share on the Hagmann program, the seven year tribulation period is erroneous  to begin with, as it is based on a false interpretation of Daniel 9:25-28. There is only one literal, physical, visible return of Christ at Armageddon after the 3&1/2 years of great tribulation, as brought out in the book of Revelation. This is when the Lord will receive His bride unto Himself. Compare 1 Corinthians 15:51-58, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18,Matthew 24:27-30-36 Mark 13:26,62, Luke 21:25-28 Revelation 1:7, 11-19. These are all one and the selfsame event!

I know it is hard for our brains with it’s limited capacity to conceive of His return and judgment and our translation and transformation occurring simultaneously but God is not bound by time, space or any other natural law. It is a supernatural act performed in the twinkling of an eye! Listen to the next couple of shows, as I will be teaching on this in depth.

Dr. Daniel Morano