Comments & Questions:

I have been listening to podcast of show for about 2 months although I have already listened to all previous shows. I felt a connection with your Spirit and teaching from first time I heard you on Hagmann and Hagmann. It has been exciting for me to hear teaching that matches exactly what I have read in the Word. Your reference to Assembly of God churches has brought me full circle to my earliest exposure to God while attending small school, Victory Academy, affiliated with Assembly of God in 3rd and 4th grade.

We were taught most Bible stories and had activities and programs at Church although my parents not members of church. My mother just wanted me in Christian school. Watching people in church praising and speaking in tongues has stuck with me all these years even though I made fun of it as a teenager and accepted my father’s belief that it was ridiculous, unbiblical and fake.

I have explored teaching of many religions, especially concerning interpretation of prophecy but have always had the instinct to avoid becoming active member of these churches. I always had a uncomfortable feeling while attending Catholic services as a child and knew something not right about all of it. My father joined Worldwide Church of God under Armstrong so I jumped on all of the material presented bashing and exposing Catholic church. I would openly make offensive comments about Pope to my Catholic raised friends to show I had no respect for him or his position.

I think the Seventh Day Adventist make good arguments and provide substantial evidence condemning the papacy. Their belief in Ellen White being a prophet and putting her writing on same level as Bible pushed my away. I can ramble on forever so here are some questions.

1. The Sabbath being kept on Saturday vs. Sunday?

2. Keeping Holy Days of old testament? My father says everytime new testament says, “keep commandments” referring to Holy Days. He also always mentions feast of tabernacle kept in millinieum reign of Christ.

3. What is your belief in Hell? I have come to accept belief God would not torture anyone in eternal fire of excruciating pain but that fire destroys and that person would cease to exist forever. Bible clearly teaches eternal life only given to Saints of God so therfore eternal conscious life in hell not biblical. I have used fact of different Hebrew words all being translated to hell in English Bible. Have also studied The Shepherds Chapel teaching on Adam and eve.

4. What do you think about Satan physically inseminating eve and her continuing in labor to have twins. Abel being son of Adam and Cain son of Satan.

Out of time. God Bless and keep up great work



So glad to hear that you have been with us so long and that you are receiving from the teaching. You have an interesting background, as I am reading your comments I am wondering where you are from? You have quite a few intensive questions. I would direct you to my blog on our website for the Sabbath question. In short, Christ fulfilled the Sabbath rest along with the rest of the requirements of the Law of Moses. He makes that clear in the Sermon on the Mount (see Matthew 5-7). The Law was based on the observance of outward requirements which served as shadows or figures of what would become eternal and spiritual reality under the New Covenant which Christ initiated upon fulfilling the requirements and judgment for transgression of the Law in all its points through His atoning sacrifice on the tree. The Sabbath rest is now the spiritual and eternal peace we find through the Holy Spirit’s presence within us (see Hebrews 3,4). We fulfill the worship and submission to the Lord represented in the Old Covenant festivals by walking in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, as Jesus told the woman at the well in John 4 (No longer will men worship on the mountains or in temples but they who worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth).

As far as Hell is concerned, much misunderstanding comes in because Hell has been taught as an eternal place of suffering. This is incorrect, Hell is a temporary, spiritual prison for damned souls awaiting the final judgment of God. We are told in the book of Revelation that both death and Hell will be cast into the Lake of Fire (see Revelation 20). However, this is not annihilation and cessation of existence rather, eternal torment as we are told in several places in scripture, included Jesus’ words(the smoke of their torment ascendeth up to heaven forever). There is eternal life as you have stated and there is also eternal death. Death is not defined as cessation of being but rather, separation from God’s presence and life. The fallen angels, demons, hybrids and damned human beings will exist in torment in the Lake of fire totally separated from the life of God for all eternity. I know this is a hard concept to accept but consider the great lengths with which God has gone to secure our salvation and as it says in the book of Hebrews, “if we neglect so great a salvation there is only a fearful looking toward of eternal judgment and punishment (see Hebrews 6, 12).

The reference to Satan inseminating Eve is a distortion of the actual occurrence of the Watcher class of Angels who were sent to protect the humans in the days of Jared (Enoch’s father) and apostatized instead, by mating with human women and producing the Nephilim (giants), as presented in Genesis 6:4, the Book of Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher, Jude and 2 Peter among other places. (see my book “Who are the Aliens?” for a full teaching on this subject). Hope this helped, blessings!
Dr. Danny