Praise the LORD Brother, again just wanted to take the time to encourage you in the LORD, the series you’re doing on the Rapture is excellent, well researched, and historically sound, and will stir up a hornets nest of malcontents, even from those you relate to in ministry, I believe the LORD JESUS has told you assuredly this would be the case as you stepped out in this Ministry Of Truth as revealed by the HOLY SPIRIT there has been and will be a cost, and revelation to you of those who would agree and walk with you , AMOS 3:3 Do two walk together except they make an appointment and have agreed? So I feel that GOD has given you the Ministry of separator, like unto a wine-press or threshing floor Laborer, not only used in a physical sense but clearly SPIRITUALLY, ouch it has hurt and will continually be dealt with moving forward. I could be way off the target, but I am compelled to say the LORD is in this Dividing Wall Ministry HE is speaking through you to many, which are a LAST DAY people, I believe there will be a gathering of like-minded people a multiplying as you continue to minister these truths. As for me, I was introduced to you through H&H one night and I could not believe you were getting away with your truth announcements, I was hearing what I believe, so clearly spoken of ,I thought you might be a twin, a brother from another Mother, I am having a good laugh—Danny there will be a gathering of GOD’S people ,just to let you know I went to the WHITE STONE REMNANT CONFERENCE IN MONTANA it was good—A great meeting place a launching pad for many ,but not as good as it’s going to be, even among the men that spoke there you would spark a great debate, would that not be great, a meeting of the minds of GODS people ,as we seek CHRIST we shall find Him, the new reformation you are talking about is birthed in HEAVEN and will be revealed here on earth Praise THE LORD. I know finances will be needed as you move forward in the introduction of this revealed ministry I know HE will provide abundantly, how many times have I heard about this great revival to come, knowing all the LORD wanted was us to be obedient to HIS WORD as it is ,so many ideas so much running through my mind, I hope no offense is taken in my speaking what I believe the LORD wanted said and is a confirmation.