Hello Dr. Danny,
I was recently approached via Facebook by one of my ex pastors wife who is also a leader. She asked me why I was angry and about my posts n the state of the church I put up on facebook.  She wanted to know if I was talking about their church or the church in general. And if I had any  authentic christian friends… lol ????  She tried to sound very concerned but I felt otherwise.  I explained to her that I was not angry but grieved and broken over the state of the their church was in.  I told her i was praying for their church . I did  confront her on their teaching, and how they run there church like a business. I also confronted her on how they treat people how they have let so much of the worldly system creep in. I went on to tell her that this is just a few of the concerns I have and that I cared about her and respect her. My question to you is should I continue on with this lady because after I sent that message she didn’t respond back when she normally does. …. I don’t know am I looking to much into it. I just feel odd. Lol I don’t know. Thanks so much for being available.  Their are so few people to talk to in these times ..


I know that it is disappointing to see where these churches and their leaders really are but this is all they know and unfortunately, most will never give up their golden calves. Realize that in order for these people to give it all up and follow the scriptural truth concerning the church, they will have to abandon their structure and all the perks that that they have therewith accrued. This is a tall order! Very few are willing to do this. If you have tried numerous times to discuss this and there has only been resistance and eventual cessation of communication then I would recommend moving on because it will only turn to strife, at some point. As a final measure I would give them my teachings to listen to or read but if they have not been open to entertain you up until now, then they probably won’t be willing to listen.

I know it is a lonely road but it is worth it and the Holy Spirit will provide fellowship for you. I encourage you to join our teleconference call on Wednesday nights. Let us know if you are interested and we will send you the info. Blessings,
Dr. Danny