I just listened to your broadcast with Shelia Z.
And I have a question or two…How does one recognize the Holy Spirit is in him or her?
Is there a “universal” manifestation that one can expect?
How can we learn to recognize His voice and His “possession” in us?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!
I look forward to hearing from you!


Greetings JaMila,

Thanks for listening! As I stated during the program, the initial evidence is speaking in other tongues, as presented in Acts chapter 2 and the ongoing proof is a growing intimacy and inner witness and leading from His Person and the scriptures coming alive in a new and vibrant way!

JaMila, I recommend you listening to my present ongoing series on the Person of the Holy Spirit. Go to my site and click on the title banner where it says”god is not religious” which will bring you on to the blogtalk archive page and start listening to the series. Also, get my book “The Sinner’s Prayer Gospel” which serves as the study text for the series.


Dr. Danny