Another 2 Questions. In Romans 12:3 it sais that God has dealt to each one “a” measure of Faith. Does that mean He gave everyone a different measure of Faith?
Also then in 1 Corinthians 12:7-10
It speaks of Faith being one of the gifts in the body of Christ. Does that mean if someone has that gift that they would have more Faith than other believers?





I believe that is the general idea, according to what God has appointed for us to do He equips us and holds us all individually accountable for what He has gifted to us. Also, there are certain callings and missions which require an exorbitant amount of faith and trust in the Lord’s direct provision and protection and therefore, He imparts a special grace for the task. However, I do not believe this is at play between carnal churchgoers in a competition who never really step out beyond their comfort zones. Why would this require any special endowment?