Dr. Morano,
I’ve been listening to your program for the past couple of months. I first heard you on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report last year and your intellectual approach to scripture truly resonates with me. I have purchased two of your books (Sinner’s Prayer and The Rapture). The Holy Spirit is guiding me through the material and brining clarity to elements of my relationship with Him. Thank you for walking in obedience and taking the time to produce the written material as well as your podcasts.I am a 46-year-old college professor and I have been walking with God for 27 years (been baptized in the Holy Spirit just as long). I would describe my spiritual walk with God as being rich and vibrant.  Keeping in step with my profession, I tend to do a great deal of research on topics of interest to me. Having said that, I have a question I would like your perspective on. I have no doubt there is a Hell – place of separation from God. I understand this place was created for the fallen angels (Mat 25:41). That people elect to go there via their rebellious nature is also clear.

However, I have always struggled with the concept that people can only avoid Hell through accepting Christ in the manner prescribed in our churches. This obviously would preclude billions of people from entering into God’s kingdom and suffering for all eternity in Hell. Conservatively speaking, at least 2/3 of humanity is destined for or already in Hell. Such a lopsided number screams that God is unjust at the very least because the vast number of people destined for Hell have never been exposed to the teachings of Christ and have no understanding of the need for a Messiah.

During the course of my research on this topic, I came across a web site that espoused Universalism. Although controversial in some regards, the site offered some provocative thoughts about the concept of Hell (http://www.godsplanforall.com/paganoriginofhell) and develops a premise that focuses on an “Age” of judgment rather than eternal judgment with no chance of reprieve. In addition, they approach an academic and linguistic view by exploring the Greek and Hebrew words for “eternal” “hell” and “punishment.”

I would relish hearing your thoughts on this perspective as well as any feedback on the web site. As Paul wrote, “We know in part.” I’m just trying to figure this stuff out! In addition, I also speak quite often at my church and I’m trying to do my due-diligence in searching matters out so I can help direct people to acceptable resources.

Sorry for the length of my message, but this is one of those subjects most churches simply avoid because it is unpopular and poses difficult questions.

God bless!
Melvin Cobb

Greetings Melvin,

Thanks for listening and I am excited to know that such an educated and Spirit-filled person has become so involved with us! I am glad you are enjoying the program and materials. I would be interested to learn at which institution you are an active professor.

Regarding your question, I know it is a difficult and uncomfortable subject and we long to see a much greater percentage of people come to salvation through our Lord’s sacrifice. But as He said, “narrow is the way and straight is the gate”. His sovereignty is beyond our comprehension and only He truly knows the hearts of those all over the world who have embraced His call and received His priceless gift. According to scripture, eternal judgment is an established fact, there is no skirting around it ,”the smoke of their torment ascends up forever”. As we see in several places especially, the Book of Revelation, the Lake of Fire is reserved not only for the rebellious spirits but also, rebellious mankind who has followed them. The book of Hebrews also states,” how can we escape eternal damnation if we neglect so great a salvation which our Lord has provided for us by taking upon Himself our sin and the punishment for it.” He has made the way for all men to receive forgiveness and eternal life regardless of race, cultural or religious background. Yet again, as He stated, “few there be that find it”.

I know that we have been trained up here in the good old United States of Apostasy to believe that we have a corner on the true gospel message, but as I am sure you have picked up in my writings and teachings, this is not the case at all! The majority of the churches you mention are not preaching the true gospel or the true Jesus and have deceived themselves into believing that they are going to enter into the Kingdom of God via their easy believeism, American gospel, but many are going to be in for a very horrifying surprise. Due to this deception, we Americans have invented inflated numbers for the Christian demographic in our self deluded culture. When we measure the real Christians according to those who really follow the true Christ and gospel, those numbers seriously plummet and perhaps, approach the very miniscule minority or even less of a representation than the places on earth that we are so convinced have not been exposed to the gospel. Is it possible that the underground churches in these nations outnumber the true Christians in our apostate, counterfeit, post-modern, Western cultural Christianity? I believe it is very possible. I used to be of the opinion that we westerners must export our gospel to these places, but more and more, I am convinced that maybe, they need to come and evangelize us!

Brother Melvin, I would encourage you to listen to my series “Cultural Christianity vs. True Scriptural Christianity” for a complete treatment of this subject. Thank you for your encouragement and participation in our ministry and I hope this is of some assistance. Blessings, Dr. Danny