Greetings Brother Danny,

I am thankful for all your teaching and honestly believe God led me to you so I could receive the revelation and understanding of God’s word.   I also appreciate you having guest on your show with different views not always lining up with everything you teach.  Daniel Duval has me thinking I could be possessed by evil spirits.  Rob Skiba convincing me I should be keeping the Sabbath and holy days to express my love for God to be obedient and not to secure or earn salvation.  Your teaching have me convinved saying the sinner’s player hundreds of times without being baptized in water or Holy Spirit means I was never saved.  Skiba makes reasonable argument against your teaching of Holy Spirit being a person.  I feel myself falling  back into mindset of making excuses about fully submitting and following Jesus because I dont know for sure what is the truth.  I am discouraged by numerous preachers and teachers who seem to have substantial knowledge of scripture from dedicating many years to deep study but never come to an agreement of doctrine.   Some including yourself, Skiba, Rick Wiles, Steve Quayle have even received dreams and vision from God yet don’t agree on many doctrine.  I really think my lazy ass just wants to find someone I can trust to give me the cliff notes to salvation or minimum requirement formula.  Have to run but wanted to vent a little bit and give you a word of encouragment to keep up the good even if people to shy to call into show when taking calls.
God Bless!

Hi Ryan,

Sorry to hear that you feel confused. I had written to you a month or so ago and wanted to speak with you, as I felt led of the Lord to reach out to you. I don’t do that with everyone. I really appreciate that you have been listening so much but I want to ask you if you have understood my emphasis on intimacy. Ryan, it is impossible to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord if we do not even believe that He is a person and as I always stress, it is the Person of the Holy Spirit with whom we directly interact in our beings. I will be starting a new series on Sunday on the Person of the Holy Spirit and I would encourage you to listen in and if you have my book “Sinner’s Prayer”, start reading the second half on the Holy Spirit.

My heart breaks for you my brother and I pray that the Spirit will make Himself real to you. The fact that you are searching so hard through man’s teaching and use words like formula reveal that you still lack the personal connection I am speaking about and I know that the Lord wants to bless you with that! You have made me aware that you are listening to many teachers but I challenge you to recognize the most telling difference between my emphasis and most others. They come from the head and I am stressing surrender of the heart, they depend much on the mind and I proclaim a spiritual love affair with the Spirit. This is what Jesus died for Ryan, to restore us to that sweet intimate relationship that we lost through sin and not to give us the ability to come up with clever arguments and ear tickling doctrines. I love you in Christ my dear brother and extend my fellowship to you once again.   Blessings